Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet

As a child, I always enjoyed the moment when my family would give our golden retriever his Christmas present. It was usually something quite simple, maybe a small toy or a bag of dog treats. Zach would be perplexed at first, unsure of our eagerness for him to rip the colorful wrapping paper apart. Usually he got in trouble for such things—but Christmas was special. Sometimes we would even snip a hole in the packaging of the treats so he could smell them, and I would giggle as he eagerly ripped off the paper and the packaging and devoured his goodies.

Make sure you don’t leave your pet out of the excitement this holiday season. As an important part of your family, your pet should have his or her own special part in the celebration. Consider these suggestions for a special gift for your pet this Holiday Season.

Pur Luv has a wide selection of healthy dog treats in a variety of sizes and flavors. Pur Lov Grande Bones are perfect for medium to large dogs, and smaller dogs will enjoy Pur Lov Little Trix or Pur Lov Mini Bones. Another wonderful option for dogs of all sizes is Pur Love Chewy Bites. Each of these treats come in either Bacon or Peanut Butter flavor and are low in fat, high in omega fatty acids, and contain no animal by-products. These rich and flavorful treats will be tasty for your dog—and nutritious for them too!

Include your dog in the festivities and toasting during the holiday season and treat him to some 3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer. This non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer is made especially with your pet in mind. All ingredients are American-made and meet human grade standards. Bowser Beer flavors include Beefy Brown Ale, Chicken Flavor, and Cock-a-Doodle Brew. Consider this creative gift idea for your pet this Christmas!

Kong Dog Toys are an excellent idea for entertaining play for your dog both inside and outside. Kong Wubba toys come in a variety of sizes to make sure you get the toy that fits perfectly with your dog’s size and breed. These toys have long tails that your dog will love shaking and flapping back and forth. The soft fleece Kong Snugga Wubba Dog Toy is perfect for playing inside. Kong also makes special toys for senior dogs, encouraging your older dog to play and exercise, while also using a gentle rubber formula to go easier on their teeth. Regardless of your dog’s size, breed, or age, he or she deserves a special gift this Holiday Season.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Get Rid of the Odor, Not Your Pet!

As the cold, winter months set in, your dog or cat will be spending more time inside. Whether they have a training crate or free reign of the household, pet odors add up over time, especially since windows are often sealed shut until spring. You can wash a pet bed and light scented candles all winter long, but a standing odor may still permeate your nose. There is a simple solution in NaturVet OdoKill Concentrated Deodorizer.

What Is It?
Sold as a concentrated liquid, you dilute the deodorizer with water. This product is meant for cleaned areas, not soiled spots. However, a clean spot may still have a lingering odor that is offensive to friends and family. Application is simple with a mop or sponge, based on the area's size.

Typical Application
Apply OdoKill deodorizer to almost any material, from soil to concrete. Wipe down the pet crate or even a special napping area in the laundry room. Just don't apply the deodorizer to the pet. Although Sparky or Mittens may smell bad, this deodorizer is not meant for live animals. Give them a bath!

If you have a large area to cover, such as a basement floor, pour one ounce of OdoKill into one gallon of water. Carefully mop the area and allow to dry. A particularly pungent smell across an entire room may require a more concentrated dose. Add two ounces of OdoKill to one gallon of water to remove truly smelly problem areas.

Spot Treatment
Cats and dogs with particular glandular issues tend to rub one small area with their rear ends. The smell emanating from one part of the rug, for example, is downright disgusting! OdoKill can quickly spot-remove odors. Simply drizzle undiluted OdoKill on the spot and breathe in deeply. This deodorizer knows how to remove the worst smells.

Special Circumstances
Many pet owners have dirt runs that they use repeatedly for dogs, and even some cats. With heavy use, your backyard turns into a smelly location, forcing you to keep windows closed. Using the heavy duty dilution ratio of 2-to-1 OdoKill to water, fill a hose-end sprayer with the liquid. Working from side-to-side, spray the dirt run carefully until it is saturated. Try to spray on a slightly cloudy day to prevent excessive evaporation and avoid rainy days. You want OdoKill to permeate the ground for a pleasant backyard scent.

Your loyal pet companion has some natural, offensive odors, but you can still cuddle with them when you use OdoKill on their play areas. Keep your floors and training crate clean with consistent OdoKill use. Your nose will appreciate the effort.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

BUSTER DogMaze: A Healthier, Happier Dog

What is meal time like for you and your dog? For my aunt and her pup Rhody, it’s a freshly cooked meal of meat and vegetables—yes, for her dogs. For my dog Zach growing up, it was a simple scoop of dry dog food into the dish. I wouldn’t say it was exciting by any means. What if meal time could be exciting for your dog and entertaining for you?

Are you concerned for your dog’s health because of how fast he eats? Does she bloat or vomit because of eating too quickly? What if there was an enjoyable way to prolong meals time?

Fortunately, you’re in luck on both counts. BUSTER has designed a creative food dish that will stimulate your dog’s senses and significantly prolong meals. The BUSTER DogMaze is a food labyrinth that will provide a daily challenge for your dog every time it eats. It can be used for big meals, individual treats, or anything in between. Place the food (or treat) into the tracks of the maze, and let your dog excitedly use his senses and intelligence to push the food to one of the openings. The meal instantly becomes engaging and fun for your dog—and quite entertaining for you to watch him enjoy the challenge. The difficulty of the challenge can be adjusted by the size and amount of treats placed in the DogMaze.

This unique food dish is an excellent choice for any dog that speeds through eating or is overweight. The maze design prevents your dog from simply inhaling its food (as many do), significantly slowing down the eating process. Some customers have said that with the BUSTER DogMaze, they’ve seen their dog actually chew his food for the first time!

The DogMaze comes in one size, designed to match almost any dog breed or size. It is perfect for use indoors or outdoors, and it can be conveniently thrown in the dishwasher for easy clean-up.

Get rid of that old dog dish and begin a new season with your dog of fun—and healthier—meal times. The DogMaze offers the solution for a “healthier and happier dog.”

Monday, November 25, 2013

November is National Pet Diabetes Month

You may have friends with diabetes, from severe cases requiring insulin shots to borderline cases needing a better diet. If your dog has some unusual behaviors, however, they may need to be evaluated by a veterinarian. Diabetes is possible in dogs. Although it cannot be cured, you can treat the disease just like a human's case. November is recognized as National Pet Diabetes Month and Pet Health Market is committed to raising awareness of this serious and often preventable disease.

What Is It?

When your dog eats, the food is broken down and digested by the stomach and associated acids. Glucose, or sugar, is one of the broken down components that the body needs for cell energy and nutrition. This specialized sugar moves from the digestive system into the blood. For a healthy dog, glucose and insulin work together to move the sugar into individual cells. Diabetic dogs have little or no insulin excreted from the pancreas, forcing the glucose to remain in the bloodstream. As a result, cells do not gain the sugars they need and fail to operate correctly.

What To Look For

Determining if your dog is diabetic requires some observation on your part. Watch your dog's habits for several days and note their behavior. You are looking for frequent urination, especially if there are accidents in the home. Most trained dogs alert you to their needs before an accident occurs, unless you have an untrained puppy. Your dog may drink a lot of water and eat much more food, but their weight slowly declines. Because the body cannot absorb sugars, your dog lacks energy and sleeps a lot more than normal. Fur appears thin and eyes start to cloud over. Any of these signs, especially in combination, should prompt you to seek veterinary care.

Contributing Factors

Poor diet and obesity are key factors in diabetes development. Older dogs of certain breeds, including terriers and Doberman Pinschers, are particularly vulnerable to diabetes. A pet family history of diabetes also increases the likelihood of the disease. Even unspayed female dogs can contract diabetes.

What To Do

Take your dog to the veterinarian to verify the disease. Follow the professional's advice about daily care. Your dog may need insulin shots using syringes, such as those found at our pet insulin care page. Usually required once a day, shots provide the necessary insulin to the bloodstream to move glucose successfully into cells. Once your dog is used to the daily process, insulin shots are fast and effective to improve your pet's health.


Your dog needs plenty of exercise and approved dog food for a healthy mind and body. Do not feed your dog table scraps. For treats, use approved dog treats fortified with vitamins and minerals. Your veterinarian may suggest weight control tablets. Hide these tablets in food to get your dog to eat them. They are typically flavored, however, so some dogs may eat them outright.

Act Now

If you do not take your dog in to the veterinarian to be diagnosed or for regular visits, their quality and quantity of life drops significantly. Treating the diabetes helps your pet retain a healthy lifestyle and a normal lifespan. The initial diagnosis only requires a few answers from you about daily habits and a urine test. A blood test often determines the diabetes if glucose is too high in the urine.

Take your dog to the veterinarian today to verify any diabetic issues. Your pet would thank you if he could.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Best Home Dog Grooming Products

When I was growing up, my aunt owned a home dog grooming business. I can remember quite vividly going to her house wondering what on earth the poodles would look like this time. Would they be a new color? Have a new hair cut? She was passionate about her work, and from the steady stream of customers, it would seem that passion resulted in good work. But what if you don't want to take your dog to a professional groomer? Although there is a time and place for professionals when it comes to your pet's style, there are many dog grooming supplies and resources for grooming your pet at home or maintaining the work of your groomer.

One excellent way to keep your dog’s coat clean, shining, and fresh is regular combing. Millers Forge Curved Slicker Brushes feature strong unbreakable handles and a well-padded backing for the bristles to make brushing your dog more effective and less difficult. These brushes also come in different sizes to fit any need you might have. Vista offers a similarly superb selection of dog brushes. Vista's Shedding Slicker Brush features curved wire bristles that will remove shedding undercoat hair and prevent matting.

Nail trimming is another easy grooming task to do at home. I can remember sitting with my dad while he trimmed the nails of my childhood dog, Zach. Zach was never thrilled, but we always managed to get the job done. The way to best ensure your dog's safety and a good nail trim is to use good equipment. (I'm afraid we were usually improvising!) Millers Forge offers a wonderful set of options for clipping your pet’s nails. They carry both traditional clippers, which work with a spring mechanism and are used like scissors, and a guillotine style nail clipper. Millers Forge also makes replacement blades for the guillotine clippers, so that you can continue to have a sharp cutting edge. The Millers Forge Pet Nail File offers the perfect finishing touch to soften sharp edges.

If you want the beautiful effects of a professional groomer but want to save on cost, you should consider buying a professional grade dog shampoo and washing your dog yourself at home. Professional shampoos will enhance the color and sheen of your dog's coat and can also be used to address issues such as dry or itchy skin and flea protection. There are also shampoos to use to remove skunk odor if your dog has an unfortunate encounter.

Don't feel like you have to always pay a professional to groom your dog! Consider these easy ways to have fun grooming your pet at home while saving money.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Aquatic Spotlight: Fish Flox & Fish Cin Review

If you have an aquarium in your home, you may have overlooked certain aspects pertaining to the health of your fish. In addition to replenishing the water in your aquarium on a regular basis, you should also take additional precautions so that your fish live long and healthy lives.

Even though the water you use to fill your aquarium may appear to be clean, high levels of unhealthy bacteria strains can still be present. The longer these dangerous bacteria strains remain in the water of your aquarium, the more they can thrive and cause harm to your fish. Prolonged exposure to these types of bacteria may cause your fish to develop lesions and become seriously ill. Harmful bacteria levels can be further increased by human handling and overfeeding fish.

One of the best ways to reduce the harmful levels of bacteria within your aquarium is to use Fish Flox by Thomas Labs. This fluoroquinolone antibiotic comes in capsule form and has the ability to deplete levels of gram-negative and gram-positive bacterial pathogens. This product specifically combats certain types of enzymes needed for bacterial replication. All you have to do is pre-dissolve one tablet per every gallon of water and add it to your aquarium every five to seven days and change the water each day you use the treatment.

Thomas Labs also produces a product called Fish Cin. Like Fish Flox, this product comes in capsule form and works on gram-negative and gram-positive bacteria strains. Clindamycin, which is one of the main ingredients in this product, has the ability to disrupt the process of bacterial protein synthesis by inhibiting the ribosome in the bacteria. You can add one capsule per every 10 gallons of water every 24 hours for a maximum of 10 days. It is also advisable to replace some of the water in your aquarium between each treatment.

You can greatly increase the lifespan of your fish by making sure their aquarium is a clean and healthy environment. Fish Flox and Fish Cin both from Thomas Labs can effectively purify water and health of fish.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Product Review: Neutricks Chewable Tables for Senior Dogs

Dogs become more susceptible to developing health problems as they grow older. Older dogs often experience a drop in calcium-binding protein levels. These calcium-binding proteins are essential in protecting brain cells and can help dogs maintain their cognitive senses by aiding in signal transduction. Neutricks dog vitamins are calcium-binding protein supplements that has been developed to combat the effects of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome in dogs. Results from scientific research and clinical trials have shown that Neutricks is a safe and effective supplement without any known side effects.

Key Ingredient
Apoaequorin, which comes from jellyfish, is a type of protein that is used in Neutricks. In 1962, scientists discovered that this protein caused jellyfish to glow when it attached itself to calcium ions. Further research concluded that Apoaequorin could be used to assist with healthy brain functioning in humans. When used in dogs with poor brain circulation, Apoaequorin has been shown to protect brain cells by as much as 50 percent. Independent laboratory research also showed that learning skills and attention levels in dogs greatly improved after they were given Apoaequorin.

Neutricks should be used if dogs are experiencing any symptoms of Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome. Signs to look out for include aimless wandering, unusual house soiling or staring off into space. Dogs that no longer respond to their name or forget to eat or drink may also be suffering from CDS. Dogs may also seem confused and get easily lost in familiar places when their calcium-binding protein levels begin to drop. Neutricks can additionally be beneficial for dogs that are no longer responding to commands or are sleeping less throughout the night. It is best to consult with a qualified veterinarian before beginning any type of treatment.

Neutricks can be used for dogs of all sizes and breeds. Each tablet of Neutricks is chewable and easy for dogs to swallow. Dogs that weigh less than 40 pounds should generally be given only one tablet of Neutricks every day. Medium-sized dogs that weigh between 41 and 80 pounds should be given two tablets daily. Three daily tablets are recommended for dogs that weigh more than 80 pounds.

You can help preserve dog brain health by ordering Neutricks. This product can help make your dog’s older years more enjoyable and fulfilling.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Steps to Fight Flea Infestations

I remember quite well the time my childhood dog, Zach, got fleas. The fleas quickly infested not only him but the carpet in our finished basement, which was one of his favorite hangouts. I would jump from the stairs to each piece of furniture to cross the room to avoid the pinprick flea bites that were inevitable the moment my feet touched the carpet. It took weeks of vacuuming and carpet treatments until I was finally willing to touch the ground.

Perhaps my childhood memories make the situation a bit more dramatic than it actually was, but it does capture a real problem. You love your dog—but now he has fleas. This can quickly and easily turn into a nightmare. So—what do you do?

First, it’s important to know a bit about the pest we’re fighting. The average flea life cycle is 21 days, but they can survive up to 170 days. The adult fleas tormenting your pet only make up about 5% of the flea population. The other 95% is made up of fleas in the earlier stages of development, which can’t be seen. A female adult flea can lay as many as 1,200 eggs in one month. These eggs are not sticky, and therefore scatter from your pet onto your carpet, furniture, or anywhere your pet walks or lies down. Young fleas can survive dormant for up to 4-6 months. It’s easy to see how quickly a few pesky fleas can spiral into out of control situation.

With so many of the fleas not actually on your pet, you can see how important it is to do more than just treat your pet in order to be rid of the problem. Remember that flea eggs could be just about anywhere throughout the house. Meticulous and frequent vacuuming, sweeping, and mopping are essential. You should also wash all bedding and clean items such as pet bowls or the cat’s litter box.

Of course, don’t forget your suffering pet! Washing your dog thoroughly with flea shampoo has been a common treatment for many years. Flea sprays are becoming a more popular treatment method because they work so quickly. If you choose to use a spray, just remember that fleas will run to your dog’s head, so be sure to dab the spray solution on its head with a paper towel. Pills are also available for your pet that will kill existing fleas and even prevent further infestations for up to a month.

To fully eliminate fleas in your home, I would recommend using an indoor spray or flea fogger. These treatments will reach fleas in the areas your vacuuming cannot and will kill fleas in all stages of development. Siphotrol has some excellent sprays and fogs that are safe for indoor treatment. Adams is another reliable brand that offers both foggers and carpet sprays. These treatments are wonderful because they not only kill existing adult and pre-adult fleas, but they also prevent a reoccurrence of fleas in your house for a few months. Another helpful tactic is spraying your yard. Siphotrol, Adams, and Virbac all offer yard sprays. These sprays will repel fleas (and also ticks) that might be finding refuge in your yard.

Although discovering fleas on your dog might overwhelm you, a quick and thorough response is your best weapon in returning your home to a pest-free zone.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dog Behavior Aid: Product Review

If you are having trouble getting your dog to behave, InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray can help condition your pet’s behavior like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  This dog behavior aid from Meridian Animal Health is safe for dogs and relies on a spray and hissing noise to shape dog behavior. The price of this product will also be easy on your budget and can be used as a safe, long-term dog behavior aid.

How It Works
InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray is made with canine pheromones that have been shown to change the behavior of dogs. When your dog starts acting up, simply spray the product to get immediate results. The spray bottle also emits a hissing sound when sprayed that is similar to a sound that dog trainers make when they correct a dog’s behavior. InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray can be used as often as needed and will not harm the health of your dog. This product is also environmentally-friendly and does not emit any type of propellants. A product that is known to have similar results is the Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Spray.

Key Ingredient
InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray’s main ingredient is Adrostenone, a chemical produced naturally by an animal species to change behavior of another species. This pheromone is found naturally in the saliva of male pigs and is used in their mating practices to court their female mates. The interomone spray is also combined with a hissing noise when the device is activated, further conditioning the dog’s behavior for immediate results in 97% of dogs.

You can use this spray to correct all different types of unwanted pet behavior. If your dog becomes excitable around strangers or other dogs, you can use this product as a way to train your pet to not act out so aggressively. InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray can be particularly helpful if your dog becomes aggressive or overly energetic during a visit with the vet. This product may also be useful when your dog is being bathed and groomed. You can also use this spray for dog bark control and to stop your dog from chewing on items around your home. This spray can additionally be useful in potty training.

InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray is a wise investment if you are having trouble handling your dog’s behavior. You are likely to be pleased with the dramatic results. The product has a 3 year shelf life, is environmentally friendly and is safe for use on all breeds of dogs. Relieve yourself from the stress of having a misbehaved dog by ordering this product today.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Celebrate International Assistance Dog Week 2013

Assistance dogs play such an important role in the lives of humans they work with that the week of August 4th-10th has been recognized as International Assistance Dog Week. The goals of International Assistance Dog Week is to recognize the jobs these dogs do, raise awareness of their importance and honor the human trainers that make assistance dog’s so successful.

The three main types of assistance dogs are guide dogs, hearing dogs and service dogs. Each of the training dogs have graduated from an extensive training program designed to equip the assistance dogs to deal with situations their future owner needs help with. Due to the temperament and the size of the breeds, Golden Retrievers and Labradors are the most commonly trained service dogs. Only the top dogs from a training program are certified to become assistance dogs because the welfare of the owner and public depend on the skill of the dog. Below we have highlighted the tasks of each type of assistance dog:

Guide Dogs
Guide dogs assist blind or visually impaired people. You probably have seen guide dogs helping their humans navigate around town and away from danger. These assistance dogs are known for their intelligence, calm temperament and the ability to block out distractions like cats and other dogs. Guide dogs increase the independence of their humans allowing them to live on their own and complete regular human tasks.

Hearing Dogs
A hearing dog assists people who are deaf or are hard of hearing by alerting them of different sounds they would otherwise be unaware of. Some examples of noises hearing dogs are trained on are sirens, doorbells, smoke alarms, telephones and alarm clocks. Hearing dog’s training can be completed in as little as 3 months for quick learning dogs that are not distracted by the public and are very obedient. The 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act permits hearing dogs, as well as guide and service dogs, entrance anywhere their human is able to go.

Service Dogs
Service dogs are assistance dogs responsible with helping their humans with physical tasks they are unable to complete. A physical or mental disability may limit a person and service dogs are known to help with carrying things, opening doors, turning on lights and help balance while walking. The upfront cost to train a service dog is high but studies have shown that people with service dogs spend considerably less on assistance than they had prior to the dog.

Remember that assistance dogs are doing a job and should be treated like a working animal. Only interact with the dog after the human has given permission to do so. Due to the large upfront training costs of assistance dogs, keeping up with assistance dog care is just as important if not more important than household pets. Pet Health Market has a robust inventory of dog care products including flea and tick prevention products, dog dental care products and joint supplements for older assistance dogs.

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tick Removal & Pet Wound Care Product Review

Vetericyn Hydrogel Wound & Infection Treatment

During the summer season, you may be outdoors with your pets more often than not. While the weather may be ideal for frolicking along in the backyard, at the park or for a walk around the block, there are some dangers that go along with being outdoors. It is extremely important to always be prepared for wounds and infections that your furry friend may develop simply from playing outside. With Vetericyn Hydrogel Wound & Infection Treatment, you can clean, treat and heal the infection with ease before it gets out of hand.

These one-step topical spray products are ideal for external use only on dogs of all breeds and sizes, cats, horses and other animals. Treat everything from small infections to traumatic wounds, cuts, burns and skin abrasions. Best of all, this product is completely safe for use around the eyes, mouth and nose. This high-quality, professional product can be used safely at home as it contains no antibiotics, no steroids, is non-toxic and greatly speeds up the healing process. This FDA-approved formula works by killing off various strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi that are typically resistant to antibiotics. Easily spray this formula onto the infection or wound, apply dressing as needed and repeat until healed. With no rinsing necessary, this is the ideal speed healing method for all of your pet’s wounds that they develop this summer season.

Ticked OFF Tick Remover

Ticked OFF Tick Remover is the ideal solution for removing ticks with ease from your pets. As your pets venture out into the great outdoors more often during the summertime, it is likely that they may come home with some unexpected guests at some point. Ticks can be extremely irritating for your pets and can also cause illnesses if not removed and treated properly as soon as possible. With the Ticked OFF Tick Remover, you can remove these pests right from your own home without a visit to the vet. This simple tick remover is commonly used by pet owners, groomers, hunters, hikers, campers and more. In one single, fluent motion you can remove ticks include their mouth parts fast and without additional harm caused. In addition to removing ticks from your pets, the Ticked OFF Tick Remover can remove these disease-carrying insects from people as well.

The Ticked OFF Tick Remover resembles a small plastic spoon that is extremely easy to hold and control when removing ticks. It can also be used in any direction for easy removal. To use the product, simply place the wide part of the notch on the skin while applying pressure. Sliding the remover forward, it will come in contact with the tick in the V-shaped section, allowing you to detach it from the skin and sliding it into the spoon for disposal. It is always a good idea to have this high-quality tick remover with you when out and about with your pets this season.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Preparing for Disasters with Pets

Every year natural disasters destroy homes, cause the evacuation of residents and result in billions of dollars in property damage. Whether you live in Tornado Alley, along the Atlantic coast or in the Rocky Mountains, you need to prepare and have a plan in place to keep your family and pets safe from natural disasters. July 15 has been recognized as Pet Fire Safety Day by the National Volunteer Fire Council and helps raise awareness of pet needs during a fire. Pet Health Market has compiled a checklist of tips that apply to any disaster, including fires, that require fast evacuation from home.

Make sure you have a plan in place for each one of your pets, so when an emergency arrives you can remain as calm as possible. Understand that dogs, cats, birds and other animals require different types of care during a disaster. At the first sign of a natural disaster gather your family and pets in preparation for the event.  Each animal should have a disaster kit already packed that includes all the necessary supplies for them to live away from home if you are to be evacuated. For dogs and cats the following supplies are recommended for the disaster kit:

Dog & Cat Disaster Kit contents:
•    Animal carriers/cages
•    Pet medication and vet records
•    2 week supply of food & water
•    Favorite toy & blanket
•    Grooming/sanitation supplies
•    Litter/newspaper/plastic clean up bags
•    Leash

Bird Disaster Kit:
•    Always use cage for safety
•    Keep cage in quiet space to reduce stress
•    Cage blanket in cold climate
•    Spray bottle in hot climate
•    Newspaper for cage sanitation

During an evacuation your pet will be unfamiliar with their surroundings making identification tags a must. Loud noises, high winds and smoke can frighten pets, and they may instinctually try to escape from danger.  It’s essential that each pet has identification tags with the owner’s up-to-date contact information including name, phone number and urgent medical needs of the pet. Pet tattoos and micro-chipping takes this rule a step further and allows your pet to be identified if the collar is removed.  Up to date pictures and ownership records are also a good idea should someone challenge ownership of a pet that has run away.

Dogs and cats may be especially susceptible to infectious disease following natural disasters and before cleanup is complete. By keeping pets up to date on all vaccinations you’ll ensure your pet’s health following an emergency. Pet Health Market hopes you take these tips seriously and are prepared should an emergency require a fast evacuation of your family and pets.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Product Review: Furminator - Deshedding Tool for Pets

Pets shed all year long but it gets drastically worse in the summer time as the sun turns up the heat. Fortunately, the Furminator deshedding tool can save you from cleaning up extra hair! The Furminator is one of our top selling products and for good reason. This little brush does an amazing job!

How the Furminator Works

The Furminator is specifically designed to reach deep-down into the undercoat. By attacking the source of shedding, the Furminator is able to remove the dead undercoat hair. And thus reducing shedding by up to 90 percent! This means that you don’t have to vacuum your couch twice a day or worry about dog hair in your dinner.  All of this is done without cutting the skin of the animal or affecting their beautiful top coat.

What Animals Can Use The Furminator?

We carry a Furminator for every sized animal! From small animals such as rabbits to large animals that can weigh anywhere between 51 and 90 lbs, we have a Furminator for you. Pay close attention when buying your Furminator; as you want to choose the one based on size of the animal and the hair length. Hair length is very important because you want to get the comb teeth that will reach the bottom of the animal’s coat and allows for optimal deshedding.

This ultimate deshedding tool is guaranteed to be the best dog grooming tool on the market. With a comfortable handle and strong design, the Furminator will change the way your pet sheds, forever! Find the Furminator for your animal today, and be on the way to stop all this shedding!

For more information or to order your Furminator brush, visit Pet Health Market online store.

Traveling Tips - Dog Anxiety & Arthritis

Summer is starting, schools are out, and trips are being planned. Planning a vacation, even for the weekend, is never as easy as it sounds. And when you throw a dog into the mix things can get complicated. Fortunately, you can have your furry friend travel with you without having to worry about him becoming anxious or in pain. For dogs, both anxiety and arthritis pain are very common issues when traveling, but there are a few ways that you can deal with these unwanted problems.

1. Treating Pet Anxiety – Use anxiety medicine

Traveling with your loving pet is a great feeling, and it’s nearly impossible to not have a smile on your face when you see your pup with his face flopping in the summer wind. While this is the ideal travel experience, it doesn’t always go this smoothly. One of the biggest problems when traveling with a dog is worrying about them becoming anxious, which may lead them to howl, bark or relieve themselves in inappropriate places. When you take long trips this anxiety can build up and make it not only tough for you, but also very uncomfortable for your dog. Don’t worry though! Our dog anxiety medicine, made by Kemin, is a quick and safe fix to these anxious times. These pills help curb the nervousness, panting and destructiveness, all while not affecting the dog’s emotions and cute personality.

2. Relieving Arthritis Pain: Try pet-friendly arthritis pills

Another problem some dogs have, especially when they’re older, is arthritis. When you travel, being cooped up in a small area for numerous hours can cause joint pain. No one wants to see their pet in any kind of pain, and thankfully you don’t have to with TriCox Soft Chew arthritis medicine. By giving your pet our specially formulated dog arthritis treatment pills, you can relieve the pains that are associated with long travels and extended play time in the park. You shouldn’t miss out on any of the fun so don’t let your dog’s arthritis get in the way.

Do you have problems giving your dog pills? At Pet Health Market, we have the solution for that dilemma too. We understand that it can be difficult to give dogs medicine, so we have a specially designed hide a pill treat. This clever product, produced by Sogeval, comes with 30 hiders in a small container. You simply slip the medicine in the treat, it’s covered and voila! Your pup will scarf down the treat and soon begin to calm down or relieve them of their arthritis pains or anxiety.

Before you start your traveling, make sure you’re fully prepared. You don’t have to miss out on having your dog travel with you just because he is anxious or has arthritis pain. Enjoy the trip with your best buddy and have some great adventures this summer!

Friday, May 10, 2013

Preventing & Eliminating Pet Fleas

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is starting to warm up. As the warm weather rolls in, the annual battle against fleas, ticks, and parasites begins. Fleas can cause discomfort for your pet and infest your home. Prevention and treatment methods vary with each pet’s breed, age, and size. At Pet Health Market we want to help you treat and prevent your pet’s itchy enemies!

Flea Prevention:
It’s always best to stop a problem before it starts. There are several different types of prevention products on the market, with each providing a different effect and reaction for your pet. Some of the different flea prevention products that Pet Health Market offers are:

This liquid drop applied medication kills any existing fleas, ticks, and parasites. The drop continues to work after all the bugs have been killed. These drops are applied every 7 days (once a week) if the flea problem persists.

The collar is an easy, no-hassle solution to your flea problem. The Adams collar not only kills existing fleas, but also protects your pet for up to 5 months. With this collar you don’t have to worry about continuous applications and baths. The collar even works if your pet decides to take a swim to cool off.

Flea Treatment:
No one wants their pet to get fleas, but it happens to even the most careful owners. When this day comes, it’s best to be prepared with knowledge and treatment options. There are several different ways to treat your pet and get rid of this itchy, even dangerous, problem. A few of your options include:

This flea and tick shampoo provides a safe, pain free rinse for your cat, kitten, dog, and puppy. The shampoo kills the fleas and ticks that are already on your animal and prevents pre-adult fleas for 28 days. Let your pet be bug free while restoring the natural shine of their fur.

Softly remove adult fleas with a flea comb, which traps the fleas in its teeth. Great for use while traveling and easy to use with the long handle design.

Fleas escaping your animal and setting up camp in your carpet can be a nightmare but we have a solution! Fleabuster RX is a fine powder that is used for fleas that have made themselves comfortable in the carpet of your home. The statically charged powder clings to the flea larvae and is safe for a carpet.

Fleas and ticks can not only ruin your day, but can be harmful to you and your pet’s health. Prevent and treat this serious problem with our line of flea and tick products. If these flea and tick prevention products aren’t what you’re looking for, please browse our selection of other flea prevention and treatment supplies. All items sold by Pet Health Market are guaranteed to be the highest quality, so shop today and find exactly what you need.

Celebrate National Pet Week with Pet Health Market

This week veterinary clinics, classrooms, communities and pet owners all over the country are celebrating National Pet Week. National Pet Week is recognized from May 5-11 and celebrates the human/animal bond with local fundraisers and fun events aimed to better educate owners about responsible pet ownership. The slogan for National Pet Week, “Love Your Pet, See Your Vet,” highlights the fact that routine physical exams is important to the long term health of pets and that too few animals receive regular exams. In this post, Pet Health Market has outlined actions and products that will help you and your furry friend celebrate National Pet Week.

Visit the Vet
Taking your pet to receive regular veterinary exams is one of the most important actions you can do for the health of your pet. Much like yearly physical checkups and routine dental appointments for humans, yearly vet visits help detect a pet’s health problems in its early stages. Catching a pet’s health issue sooner rather than later usually results in less expensive treatment and a higher success rate. To find a veterinarian in your area, visit or you can ask you friends or pet neighbors for a veterinarian referral. Before committing to a vet you should visit the clinic in person, without your pet. Ask to take a tour of the facility and take note of how the employees interact with the pets and the human owners. Consider if the office hours and location work with your schedule, if they accept pet insurance and your preferred form of payment. After doing your research and taking a clinic tour, we recommend using your gut instinct when making the final decision.

A well groomed pet is a happy pet
Keeping your pet well groomed and clean not only benefits their physical appearance and health but also impacts the way a pet feels about themselves which affects behavior. Whether you have a pet groomer or care for your pet at home, frequent grooming of your dog or cat will have them looking their best and make them easier to love! Bathing your dog with medicated dog shampoo helps to relieve dry and irritated skin resulting from allergies and parasites. Daily brushing of your pet’s coat with a comb that reaches the skin will help clean them and remove loose hair. Don’t forget to brush your pet’s teeth, clip their nails and to clean their eyes and ears. For more information on pet grooming and grooming products visit the site.

Keeping your Pets Entertained
While stressing the responsibilities of pet ownership this National Pet Week, we don’t want to lose sight of the fact that pet ownership is fun and rewarding! Find activities and events that both you and your pet find enjoyable. Whether it’s heading down to the local dog park, going on hikes or bringing your pet on vacation, spending time with your pet is a great bonding activity. If your pet prefers to remain inside there are many toys that will keep your pets entertained and out of trouble. For aggressive chewers we recommend Kong dog toys, which are made of natural soft rubber and are nearly indestructible. Cats will love the Kong Wubba toy which is specially designed to appeal to a cat’s stalking instincts and desire to capture prey. Cats will find the natural catnip and the crackle sound the tail makes irresistible and will keep them entertained for hours!

We hope National Pet Week has increased the awareness of responsible pet ownership and the tips covered in this post become habits you incorporate into pet care over the years. For more information on responsible pet ownership and pet supplies visit Pet Health Market.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Control Your Pet’s Allergies this Spring

Now that spring is upon us, you and your pets are able to enjoy the warmer weather and extended hours of daylight together. Evening walks, trips to the park and weekend road trips are activities many pets and their owners cherish and look forward to. Just like humans, your dog or cat may be sensitive to allergens in the air that cause discomfort, including, inflammation, skin and ear infections and itching. Common allergens include grass, trees, mold, dust, dander and pollen. The good news is there are products at Pet Health Market to alleviate a pet’s itching and allergic reactions.

Many of the same skin care and allergy relief products can be given to dogs and cats. Pet allergy products are available in different forms, including liquid water additives, edible chews and shampoos. One of the more popular skin and itch remedies is HomeoPet Skin & Itch Relief. HomeoPet liquid is added to your pet’s daily drinking water and works as a detox and promotes skin health and hair growth. Another allergy and itch relief treatment is called NaturVet Septiderm-V Skin Care Bath. As the name suggests NaturVet Septiderm-V is a shampoo that is used during regular bathing and helps to relieve itching caused by hot spots, flea bites, rashes and skin allergies. If your dog or cat prefers a topical treatment we recommend Pramosoothe Spray. The long-lasting soothing formula provides relief from itching, flaking and irritation by restoring moisture in the skin.

If your pet avoids baths at all costs look to ingestible solutions to your pet’s allergic reactions. For dogs we recommend ALLER G-3 fatty acid capsules, containing omega-3, vitamins A, D and E. The capsules help stop itchiness of the skin by hindering production of the inflammatory substances that contribute to itching. Feline Greenies SmartBites are a delicious treats your cat will love eating! These edible treats contain natural ingredients that will nourish a cat’s skin and coat. They also taste great and are available in both salmon and chicken varieties.

For birds in discomfort we suggest using a lower dose of HomeoPet Digestive Upsets. When dosing small animals and birds just add 3 drops of the solution into the pet’s drinking water. If you, the human, struggle with the dust and powder from your bird’s feathers you can try Allerpet B Solution for Birds. Allerpet is a fine mist strayed on the bird’s feathers, away from the head, and helps to reduce allergens created by the birds.

Don’t let allergies hold you or your pet back from enjoying the outdoors this spring! Stop by Pet Health Market for skin and allergy care products for cats, dogs and birds!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Change Your Dog’s Behavior in 2013

Owning a dog can bring joy, fun, and relaxation to you and your family, but just like their owners, dogs can experience times of stress and illness. If your dog has recently suffered an injury or some other trauma, there are several different strategies you can try to help them relax and stay calm. You may try using a dog behavior aide to help them stay calm and heal more quickly.  Here are some of our most popular and effective dog behavior aids to help your pup in times of stress or injury.

Pet Flex No Chew Bandage

Injuries can be difficult for dogs and their owners. Not only does the dog need time to heal from the injury itself, but oftentimes bandages or casts can bring the dog additional irritation. This can lead to the dog trying to bite or chew off the very supports helping the healing process, which can be very frustrating for concerned owners.

Enter Pet Flex No Chew Bandages. These bandages are flexible and sturdy and are designed to stay in place without sticking painfully to your pet's hair or skin. The bandages tear off easily by hand so you can apply them quickly and easily to sprains, sore spots, or even to cushion scratches and other surface abrasions. Most importantly, these bandages have a bitter taste designed to prevent your dog for biting and tearing the bandage off. This allows your dog's injury to heal on its own, preventing you and your dog from further stress.

Anti-Barking Behavior Aides

Unwanted barking can be a nuisance for many different reasons, especially if you live in a high-occupancy neighborhood. In addition to your regular training routines, you may want to try some behavior aides specifically designed to stop or reduce barking. Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Spray employs a patented combination of sound and pheromones to stop barking and aggression in your dog. Simply spray 12-18 inches from your dog's face at the first sign of barking. The spray will make a hissing noise while releasing Interomone, a powerful chemical that will calm your dog instantly. This combination has been proving to work on 97% of pets tested, making it a sure choice for your dog.

For a slightly more hands-on approach, consider the SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar With Citronella. This gentle, yet effective collar releases a burst of natural citronella scent when your dog begins barking. The unusual smell will distract your dog from barking, allowing you to take control to calm and direct your dog towards more appropriate behavior. The citronella is totally harmless, but be sure to test your dog's sensitivity to possible allergies before use.

When your dog is hurt or stressed, take control and calm them with firm but gentle guidance, and the use of behavior aides. For more generalized anxiety and misbehavior, be sure to check out our full line of orally administrated anti-anxiety drops and chews, which can be especially helpful during periods of routine change, like a household move.