Friday, May 10, 2013

Preventing & Eliminating Pet Fleas

Summer is just around the corner and the weather is starting to warm up. As the warm weather rolls in, the annual battle against fleas, ticks, and parasites begins. Fleas can cause discomfort for your pet and infest your home. Prevention and treatment methods vary with each pet’s breed, age, and size. At Pet Health Market we want to help you treat and prevent your pet’s itchy enemies!

Flea Prevention:
It’s always best to stop a problem before it starts. There are several different types of prevention products on the market, with each providing a different effect and reaction for your pet. Some of the different flea prevention products that Pet Health Market offers are:

This liquid drop applied medication kills any existing fleas, ticks, and parasites. The drop continues to work after all the bugs have been killed. These drops are applied every 7 days (once a week) if the flea problem persists.

The collar is an easy, no-hassle solution to your flea problem. The Adams collar not only kills existing fleas, but also protects your pet for up to 5 months. With this collar you don’t have to worry about continuous applications and baths. The collar even works if your pet decides to take a swim to cool off.

Flea Treatment:
No one wants their pet to get fleas, but it happens to even the most careful owners. When this day comes, it’s best to be prepared with knowledge and treatment options. There are several different ways to treat your pet and get rid of this itchy, even dangerous, problem. A few of your options include:

This flea and tick shampoo provides a safe, pain free rinse for your cat, kitten, dog, and puppy. The shampoo kills the fleas and ticks that are already on your animal and prevents pre-adult fleas for 28 days. Let your pet be bug free while restoring the natural shine of their fur.

Softly remove adult fleas with a flea comb, which traps the fleas in its teeth. Great for use while traveling and easy to use with the long handle design.

Fleas escaping your animal and setting up camp in your carpet can be a nightmare but we have a solution! Fleabuster RX is a fine powder that is used for fleas that have made themselves comfortable in the carpet of your home. The statically charged powder clings to the flea larvae and is safe for a carpet.

Fleas and ticks can not only ruin your day, but can be harmful to you and your pet’s health. Prevent and treat this serious problem with our line of flea and tick products. If these flea and tick prevention products aren’t what you’re looking for, please browse our selection of other flea prevention and treatment supplies. All items sold by Pet Health Market are guaranteed to be the highest quality, so shop today and find exactly what you need.


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