Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Holiday Gift Giving Tips for Happy Pets and People

The Holiday season is upon us! Our days are full of baking, cooking and family get-togethers. By now we hope you’ve completed all your shopping and all that’s left is the wrapping but if you’re anything like me, you’re gearing up to battle the last-minute mall shoppers.

Let’s not forget the ones who bring us so much joy and love throughout the year, our pets! Sure they may not send Santa their list but they sure appreciate a gift just like anyone else! In this post we’ll highlight some tips and gift giving ideas for safe and fun pet presents.

Delicious & Healthy Treats

Promote healthy pet mouths with dog and cat dental treats. We carry oral health chews that prevent plaque and tartar buildup, all while freshening their breath. Don’t get a smelly kiss on under the mistletoe! If your pet likes a challenge wrap the treat in wrapping paper and let them unwrap it!

Wag the Tail for Santa
There’s a good chance local malls and pet shelters in your area have events where your pet can get their picture taken with the jolly fat man. Put on that ugly sweater and Santa hat and smile for the camera.

Visit a Favorite Park or Hiking Spot
If it’s not too cold outside, give a gift of adventure and exercise. If you own an active dog, you love the look your pet gives when they figure out they are going to their favorite park. Burn off the extra holiday calories and give the gift of quality time spent with your pet this Holiday season.

No Pet Surprises Please
This pet present tip is for the person who plans on gifting a surprise animal. It is NOT a good idea to surprise someone with a pet. Owning a pet takes a lot of resources and responsibility and how do you know they have the time, energy, money or interest in having a pet?  Maybe they’re even allergic! Instead, go to your local animal shelter and pay the adoption fee in their name. That way if they want a pet they can pick their own and if not, a helpful donation has been made in their name!

Happy Holidays from Pet Health Market