Monday, August 18, 2014

Product Spotlight: Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush

So many customers have sung their praises regarding the effectiveness of Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush that it's hard to imagine a pet owner wanting to use anything else for their dogs or cats having ear problems. It works well on horses too!

Whether the problem is allergies, dirty, sensitive ears, yeast infections in the ears, fungus, hard crust, ear wax, etc., this ear flush treats them all like nothing else. Some have called it a "miracle ear cleaner" and the "best ear cleaner ever!"

If you've tried prescription gels that come in a tube and learned that they just don't seem to penetrate the ear canal deeply enough or coat the infected area well enough to get rid of the problem, you'll be pleased with how easy this product is to apply thoroughly to problem areas and how well the application is tolerated by pets. Simply apply the liquid liberally and gently massage in. The combination of TrizULTRA plus Ketoconazole (0.15%) works wonders dissolving ear wax and hard, crusty buildup and, as a topical antibacterial and antifungal, not only solves existing fungus and infections but, when used regularly, prevents these problems from returning.

Many pet owners apply the product once or twice weekly as preventative maintenance for pets prone to suffering from ear problems. The presence of Edetate (EDTA) Disodium Dihydrate and Tromethamine serve as an antibacterial and Ketoconazole lends its antifungal properties. These ingredients are buffered to a pH8 level with the addition of de-ionized water and carbopol aqua.

Methods of Application

As the only USP-patented TrizEDTA antibacterial on the market, TrizULTRA is a multi-use treatment and acts as a cleanser or as a pre-treatment for use with vet-prescribed antibiotics. It's easily soluble and has a low viscosity, allowing it to get to exactly where you need it to be. When used as an ear flush, simply shake well, apply to the ear canal and then gently/firmly massage the ear at its base. For application to skin, it should be squeezed out onto the affected areas and then patted with cotton to soak up any excess. These procedures should be repeated as often as needed or as directed by your veterinarian professional.

Dechra TrizULTRA + Keto Flush is manufactured in the United States using only the highest-quality, purest ingredients available and utilizing GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices). It's available in two sizes – 4-oz and 12-oz. It should be recapped tightly when not in use and also kept out of the reach of children. Although available through many veterinarians and veterinarian hospitals, you'll find the prices here at Pet Health Market significantly lower than those elsewhere.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Benefits of Micro-Chipping Pets

When strapping on a brand new collar with a shiny name tag, you’d never think your dog or cat could get lost. However, collars can break, slip off or even be removed by other people. You need a more permanent way to identify your pet if they do become lost. Microchipping is the process of injecting a tiny electronic component under the pet's skin. Typically located between the shoulders, the chip remains in place for years. As an inexpensive identification strategy, nearly all pet owners should consider this process for their pet. Even have it scanned on National Check the Chip day on August 15 to make sure it works well.

Instant Identification

There's no need to worry about the chip at any point after installation. It has instant ID information, whether it's one or 10 years old. The chip doesn't have a power source, but actually responds through radio waves when a scanner is placed near it. Most veterinarians and animal shelters have these scanners, making it easy for authorities to match a pet with their owner.

Your Information

Because the microchips are incredibly small, they don't hold all your information for anyone to read off a scanner. In fact, the scanner simply sees a number. This number must be inputted into the registration website to pull up your contact information. Your address and phone number are protected from just anyone reading the information off the chip. Update this information periodically for a fast response in case of a lost pet.

Installation is Quick and Almost Painless

When you think of a microchip, thoughts of computer boards come to mind. Placing one of those components inside your pet's skin may sound painful, but modern technology has made the process nearly painless. The chip is incredibly small, fitting easily into a needle. The chip is actually injected into your pet. They'll simply feel a little prick as the chip slides into place. They'll be ready to play in no time.

Modern Technology

Regardless of the chip's age, it should remain in the same area as its injection. Microchip inventors made sure to create a product that cannot break down inside the body. Even if the pet lives to 20 years old, the chip will last as long. It also won't move around in your pet's body. Scanners pick up the chip between the shoulders at any time.

Its Limitations

As the chip is a simplistic ID technology, you have limitations to its use. A scanner only determines contact information. The technology isn't a GPS where your pet's location is accurately pinpointed. Manufacturers kept the chip simple to make it long-lasting and free from any failures. When your pet is lost, you want that chip to work immediately.

If the thought of losing your furry friend is too difficult to bear, microchip them during their next veterinarian visit. The installation is quick and holds all your pertinent information. If you move or change your contact information at some point, make sure to update the chip's information as well. A phone number no longer in service can't help you reunite with your pet.