Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tick Removal & Pet Wound Care Product Review

Vetericyn Hydrogel Wound & Infection Treatment

During the summer season, you may be outdoors with your pets more often than not. While the weather may be ideal for frolicking along in the backyard, at the park or for a walk around the block, there are some dangers that go along with being outdoors. It is extremely important to always be prepared for wounds and infections that your furry friend may develop simply from playing outside. With Vetericyn Hydrogel Wound & Infection Treatment, you can clean, treat and heal the infection with ease before it gets out of hand.

These one-step topical spray products are ideal for external use only on dogs of all breeds and sizes, cats, horses and other animals. Treat everything from small infections to traumatic wounds, cuts, burns and skin abrasions. Best of all, this product is completely safe for use around the eyes, mouth and nose. This high-quality, professional product can be used safely at home as it contains no antibiotics, no steroids, is non-toxic and greatly speeds up the healing process. This FDA-approved formula works by killing off various strains of bacteria, viruses and fungi that are typically resistant to antibiotics. Easily spray this formula onto the infection or wound, apply dressing as needed and repeat until healed. With no rinsing necessary, this is the ideal speed healing method for all of your pet’s wounds that they develop this summer season.

Ticked OFF Tick Remover

Ticked OFF Tick Remover is the ideal solution for removing ticks with ease from your pets. As your pets venture out into the great outdoors more often during the summertime, it is likely that they may come home with some unexpected guests at some point. Ticks can be extremely irritating for your pets and can also cause illnesses if not removed and treated properly as soon as possible. With the Ticked OFF Tick Remover, you can remove these pests right from your own home without a visit to the vet. This simple tick remover is commonly used by pet owners, groomers, hunters, hikers, campers and more. In one single, fluent motion you can remove ticks include their mouth parts fast and without additional harm caused. In addition to removing ticks from your pets, the Ticked OFF Tick Remover can remove these disease-carrying insects from people as well.

The Ticked OFF Tick Remover resembles a small plastic spoon that is extremely easy to hold and control when removing ticks. It can also be used in any direction for easy removal. To use the product, simply place the wide part of the notch on the skin while applying pressure. Sliding the remover forward, it will come in contact with the tick in the V-shaped section, allowing you to detach it from the skin and sliding it into the spoon for disposal. It is always a good idea to have this high-quality tick remover with you when out and about with your pets this season.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Preparing for Disasters with Pets

Every year natural disasters destroy homes, cause the evacuation of residents and result in billions of dollars in property damage. Whether you live in Tornado Alley, along the Atlantic coast or in the Rocky Mountains, you need to prepare and have a plan in place to keep your family and pets safe from natural disasters. July 15 has been recognized as Pet Fire Safety Day by the National Volunteer Fire Council and helps raise awareness of pet needs during a fire. Pet Health Market has compiled a checklist of tips that apply to any disaster, including fires, that require fast evacuation from home.

Make sure you have a plan in place for each one of your pets, so when an emergency arrives you can remain as calm as possible. Understand that dogs, cats, birds and other animals require different types of care during a disaster. At the first sign of a natural disaster gather your family and pets in preparation for the event.  Each animal should have a disaster kit already packed that includes all the necessary supplies for them to live away from home if you are to be evacuated. For dogs and cats the following supplies are recommended for the disaster kit:

Dog & Cat Disaster Kit contents:
•    Animal carriers/cages
•    Pet medication and vet records
•    2 week supply of food & water
•    Favorite toy & blanket
•    Grooming/sanitation supplies
•    Litter/newspaper/plastic clean up bags
•    Leash

Bird Disaster Kit:
•    Always use cage for safety
•    Keep cage in quiet space to reduce stress
•    Cage blanket in cold climate
•    Spray bottle in hot climate
•    Newspaper for cage sanitation

During an evacuation your pet will be unfamiliar with their surroundings making identification tags a must. Loud noises, high winds and smoke can frighten pets, and they may instinctually try to escape from danger.  It’s essential that each pet has identification tags with the owner’s up-to-date contact information including name, phone number and urgent medical needs of the pet. Pet tattoos and micro-chipping takes this rule a step further and allows your pet to be identified if the collar is removed.  Up to date pictures and ownership records are also a good idea should someone challenge ownership of a pet that has run away.

Dogs and cats may be especially susceptible to infectious disease following natural disasters and before cleanup is complete. By keeping pets up to date on all vaccinations you’ll ensure your pet’s health following an emergency. Pet Health Market hopes you take these tips seriously and are prepared should an emergency require a fast evacuation of your family and pets.