Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Change Your Dog’s Behavior in 2013

Owning a dog can bring joy, fun, and relaxation to you and your family, but just like their owners, dogs can experience times of stress and illness. If your dog has recently suffered an injury or some other trauma, there are several different strategies you can try to help them relax and stay calm. You may try using a dog behavior aide to help them stay calm and heal more quickly.  Here are some of our most popular and effective dog behavior aids to help your pup in times of stress or injury.

Pet Flex No Chew Bandage

Injuries can be difficult for dogs and their owners. Not only does the dog need time to heal from the injury itself, but oftentimes bandages or casts can bring the dog additional irritation. This can lead to the dog trying to bite or chew off the very supports helping the healing process, which can be very frustrating for concerned owners.

Enter Pet Flex No Chew Bandages. These bandages are flexible and sturdy and are designed to stay in place without sticking painfully to your pet's hair or skin. The bandages tear off easily by hand so you can apply them quickly and easily to sprains, sore spots, or even to cushion scratches and other surface abrasions. Most importantly, these bandages have a bitter taste designed to prevent your dog for biting and tearing the bandage off. This allows your dog's injury to heal on its own, preventing you and your dog from further stress.

Anti-Barking Behavior Aides

Unwanted barking can be a nuisance for many different reasons, especially if you live in a high-occupancy neighborhood. In addition to your regular training routines, you may want to try some behavior aides specifically designed to stop or reduce barking. Sentry Stop That! Noise & Pheromone Spray employs a patented combination of sound and pheromones to stop barking and aggression in your dog. Simply spray 12-18 inches from your dog's face at the first sign of barking. The spray will make a hissing noise while releasing Interomone, a powerful chemical that will calm your dog instantly. This combination has been proving to work on 97% of pets tested, making it a sure choice for your dog.

For a slightly more hands-on approach, consider the SpraySense Anti-Bark Collar With Citronella. This gentle, yet effective collar releases a burst of natural citronella scent when your dog begins barking. The unusual smell will distract your dog from barking, allowing you to take control to calm and direct your dog towards more appropriate behavior. The citronella is totally harmless, but be sure to test your dog's sensitivity to possible allergies before use.

When your dog is hurt or stressed, take control and calm them with firm but gentle guidance, and the use of behavior aides. For more generalized anxiety and misbehavior, be sure to check out our full line of orally administrated anti-anxiety drops and chews, which can be especially helpful during periods of routine change, like a household move.