Tuesday, August 28, 2012

5 Quick Fixes for Dog Misbehavior

For a variety of dog misbehavior, there are proven solutions to combating them. Don’t call in the Dog Whisperer or sign up for an expensive dog training class before trying out some of our solutions to common dog behavior problems. Read on below!

  1. Dog Anxiety During Storms
  2. During thunderstorms and big rainstorms, it’s common for some canines to become anxious, shivering, panting or even barking. You can ease your pooch’s preoccupations with a dog Thundershirt. These anxiety-relieving shirts apply a constant amount of pressure to your dog, which is shown to create a calming effect on dogs. Many users rave about the dramatic difference the Thundershirt makes in their dogs’ anxiety during storms, fear during travel or new situations or even their over-excitement.

  3. Dog Eating Poop
  4. For whatever reason, it’s not that unusual to see a dog trying to eat its own poop. Feed your dog a coprophagia deterrent chew – these chews make stools taste bad, thus preventing the desire and interest of the feces. If your dog seems abnormally interested in consuming other animals’ stools, it may be time to take him/her to a vet – some instances of coprophagia are because of medical issues.

  5. Dog Barking
  6. If your dog’s a yapper and the incessant barks are becoming a nuisance to you, your neighbors, or both – think about a bark deterring behavioral aid. Our SpraySense anti-bark collars are a long-lasting and safe way to deter barking. The anti-bark collars emit an aroma of citronella, an unpleasant smell to dogs (but virtually undetectable to humans) that interrupts their barking.

  7. Dog Timid/Fearful of New Situations
  8. Many canines get shy in new situations, or show fear when exposed to new environments; you can’t always protect your dog from new encounters, but you can help them feel more at ease. Our anxiety relief aids vary from calming chews and yummy lickable gels to Thundershirts and more. Help make the stress more manageable by getting some of these stress-relieving solutions online at Pet Health Market.

  9. Dog Begging
  10. If Fido’s picked up the bad habit of begging for treats at the dinner table, or barking every time the doorbell rings (or many more bothersome habits), the MannersMinder Remote Training System is the perfect solution! This dog reward trainer releases treats from a distance, positively reinforcing good behavior. By removing your association with the treats, you encourage better behavior ‘just because’ - and your pups won’t be constantly begging you for a nibble. The system comes with a training guide and you can use it for a variety of other dog behavior and dog training issues – what a great solution!

We hope these 5 quick fixes will help you with your dog! For many more pet solutions, pet medications and more, visit the affordable Pet Health Market.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Keep Dogs Flea Free

Fighting fleas can feel like an endless battle, but there are several options that pet owners can use to keep their dogs (and their homes!) flea-free. Many of these options are inexpensive, and even the more expensive ones are not terribly costly especially if purchased from an affordable pet med supplier like Pet Health Market.

  • Flea and Tick Collars
  • One popular method of flea control that many dog owners choose is the flea and/or tick collar. This solution to the flea problem is simple and cheap since the collar is easily slipped around the dog's neck and doesn’t break the wallet. Most flea collars kill fleas at multiple levels of their life cycles and are effective for several months before needing to be replaced. Even better, some flea collars kill both fleas and ticks, harmful creatures which can carry diseases that can sicken and even kill canines. Pethealthmarket.com carries flea collars that are made by Adams, Preventic, Powerband, and Scalibor.

  • Flea and Tick Shampoos
  • Flea and tick shampoos are also popular for killing canine pests since the method is so intuitive. Humans get clean by bathing, so do dogs! Most flea shampoos kill fleas on contact, and sometimes the fleas may even drown. Shampoos often kill flea larvae and eggs in addition to adult fleas but must be used regularly in order to maintain a lack of fleas and typically shouldn’t be a one-step approach to canine flea prevention. On top of ousting the fleas, your pooch will have a fluffy and shiny coat! At Pet Health Market, we sell a variety of vet-trusted flea and tick shampoos from top brands like Adams, Virbac, Ovitrol, Mycodex, and natural options like Bio SPOT and NaturVet.

  • Oral Flea Medicine
  • Oral flea-killers are usually tablets that are ingested or mixed into a dog’s meal. Some of these medicines kill adult fleas while others disrupt the egg cycle; you should read the various product labels carefully before selecting a product so you have the appropriate flea prevention for your pup. You may want to take oral flea medication to kill eggs and then use a shampoo or topical medicine to kill adult fleas. Some of our oral flea medications are from trusted brands like Capstar, Program, and Thomas Labs.

  • Flea and Tick Powders and Sprays
  • Powders and sprays often kill and/or repel fleas on contact depending on their ingredients. Owners often like sprays for their ease of application, for their doubling as an insect repellent and the fact that flea sprays can be used on bedding, carpet and furniture. If you’ve had a flea infestation in your home, it’s important to vacuum and use a flea spray to ensure all the eggs and adult fleas are gone!

  • Topical Flea and Tick Medications
  • Topical medication is the most popular method of dog flea treatment due to its ease of application and its longevity. Owners usually only have to apply topical medicine once a month, and many medications kills fleas at all life stages. At Pet Health Market, we offer topical medications from veterinary-trusted brands like Frontline, Advantage, K9 Advantix, and many more.