Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Vista Large Shedding Blade for Dogs & Horses

The Millers Forge Vista Shedding Blade seen here is a quick and easy way to rid yourself of a big problem that plagues many dog owners – dog hair everywhere! This shedding blade has proven to be the easiest method for removing loose hair that would otherwise end up on the furniture, on your clothing, in the car and anywhere else you allow your pet to go. You simply stroke your dog's fur as you would with a brush, starting at the head and moving down to the tail. Don't forget to get the hindquarters and to continue all the way down the legs. Matted fur will likely need to be cut off using a pair of scissors, and once done with the shedding blade, it's a good idea to give your pet the once-over with a slicker brush. This will smooth out the fur, remove any remaining loose hairs and help distribute body oils throughout the dog's coat.

It's Almost Too Easy!

This Vista Shedding Blade has sharp, saw-like teeth arranged in an oblong loop attached to a strong handle. The metal is stainless steel, so no worries about it rusting or tarnishing and, although the teeth are sharp, it's unlike other shedding blades that are more like big razors. Most dogs tolerate use of this shedding blade well and many, in fact, enjoy the process. There's no question that the timely removal of pet hair that would otherwise be shed all over your living space is highly beneficial to everyone.

Since this tool performs exceptionally well at removing large amounts of loose hair, it's best to do the deed outdoors if possible. Try taking your dog far from the house on a breezy day if possible. You'll be amazed at how much hair you'll get off your pooch. Shake off the accumulated hair from your shedding blade in between each stroke. The recommended frequency for brushing is once or twice weekly. Following this schedule, you should immediately notice significantly less hair in your home, in the car and on your clothing. Another benefit that many equestrian enthusiasts have discovered with this large Vista Shedding Blade is how well it works on their horses. It removes hair and brings a sheen to their coats.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Clotrimatop (Clotrimazole 1%) Solution Product Spotlight

Clotrimatop, a 1% Clotrimazole solution is typically prescribed for dogs suffering from different forms of fungal growth and it's found that these particular fungi are responsive to this drug. It's a proven, effective anti-fungal solution in any number of applications and has been used with a high degree of success on human patients as well as animals.

Clotrimatop has received rave reviews from many patients who have found relief from the incessant itching, burning, cracking and general discomfort that typically accompany symptoms of fungal growth on different parts of the body.

Clotrimatop is available in a 30mL plastic drip bottle and is recommended especially for animals with dermatological problems due to fungal growth, particularly in the ears. In humans, it's been shown to work on ringworm, jock itch and athletes' foot. Unlike the prevalent creams sold on the market for jock itch and athlete’s foot, this liquid solution actually works because it's able to seep down and act on the areas being affected.

One patient who wrote in describing her experiences stated that she had been suffering from ear fungus for a number of years, even though she had sought a variety of different treatments. Using the Clotrimatop 1% solution the first few times caused a certain amount of discomfort because her ears were literally raw from being rubbed and scratched so much. After that, though, there was no more pain, no more scratching or rubbing, and the ear infections cleared up within a month's time.

If you have itchy ears, especially as the result of ear fungus, you really owe it to yourself to give this product a try. As one gentleman stated, "I know it's for dogs, but fungus doesn't discriminate." If you look, you'll find that many of the anti-fungal remedies sold for use on humans contain some of the same ingredients found in Clotrimatop. Because this is a product directed for use on dogs, the price is significantly lower than the one for the "human" medicine.

Clotrimazole seems to work well on dogs and humans, too. Offered by Butler Schein™ Animal Health, this is a recommended product.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

International Migratory Bird Day: “Restore Habitat, Restore Birds”

For over two decades, International Migratory Bird Day (IMBD) has been recognized around the world by biologists, conservationists and birdwatchers to bring awareness of issues disrupting bird migration. Since 1993, the celebration has expanded to over 700 worldwide events with educational programs and materials available year-round to help inform the public about the need to conserve bird habitats and the ability of the birds to migrate.

While the officially celebrated IMBD date in the US and Canada is the second Saturday in May and the second Saturday in October in Latin America and the Caribbean, migratory bird conservation is a 365-day-a-year job. As birds do not migrate on a single day, Pet Health Market wants to provide our blog readers with some conservation tips and solutions to help the birds on their instinctual journeys.

Leash your pets: Migrating birds can be frightened, chased and killed by dogs and cats not on a leash.

Do not handle young chicks: Young birds leaving their mother’s nest for the first time may spend a few days on the ground before they can fly. This is normal, so keep yourself and pets at a distance. The mother bird may still be caring for any chicks on the ground, but contact a wildlife rehabilitation expert if you feel this bird has been orphaned.

Clean bird feeders: Dirty feeders can be a breeding ground for disease, so disinfect them. Replace old bird seed and replenish bird bath water to avoid transmitting disease.

Recycle and use cloth shopping bags: Birds will often mistake plastic trash with food, so be sure to bring your own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store and recycle.

Avoid harmful chemicals: Some pesticides and herbicides can have a toxic effect on birds and their chicks. Be sure to check the labels on all chemicals you use outdoors.

Plant native plants: Plant and care for native vegetation that will provide food, shelter and a nesting area for a migrating bird.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Eliminating Your Pet’s Dry Eyes with OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron

Dogs, cats and even horses often suffer from dry eye, which can negatively affect their mood and behavior. Severe dry eye, also known as keratoconjuctivitis sicca (KCS) can be extremely damaging. It can lead to corneal ulcers, corneal rupture, ocular infections, corneal mineralization and scarring. Though dry eye might seem like a harmless, easily fixable condition, it can have long-lasting negative health effects if not treated properly.

In order to thwart eye dryness and negative health consequences, top veterinarians recommend using an eye lubricant like OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron 25 g. As the top-selling corneal protectant and lubricant, OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron has been proven to help protect the cornea and conjunctiva and provide long-lasting lubrication for maximum comfort.

When an animal has itchy, red, dry eyes, nothing satisfies better than OptixCare Eye Lube. This leading eye lubricant for animals comes in a sterile carbomer gel that adheres to the surface of the eye more effectively. When the gel touches tears, it swells and changes consistency from a thicker substance to a watery coating. The hyaluron, which is also present in the gel, assists in helping the carbomer gel attract and retain the water for optimal hydration. Because OptixCare includes both a carbomer gel and hyaluron, it allows the substance to remain on the eye for a longer period of time. Droplets are also more controlled because of the gel’s viscosity. This makes it easier to apply to the eye, especially if an animal is being fussy due to irritation.

In addition to being a safe, effective solution to dry eye, OptixCare Eye Lube can also help prevent optical damage during surgery. For instance, is typically used as a corneal protectant when an animal goes under anesthesia or during sedation.

Top Benefits of OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron
  • Easy to apply due to unique consistency
  • Coats eyes rapidly and efficiently
  • Provides long-lasting eye comfort
  • Safe, non-irritating formula
  • Decreases eye dehydration during sedation or under anesthesia
  • No. 1 selling eye drops for animals
  • Can be used on dogs, cats and horses

With OptixCare Eye Lube, all you need is one or two drops to ensure maximum comfort and improve the animal’s condition. Because of its consistency, OptixCare is the ideal animal eye care product for veterinarians and pet owners. Owners will be happy to know that this product is safe and easy to use at home to cure your pet’s dry eyes! Try OptixCare today and start noticing an improvement in your animal’s eye health!

Furry Friend First Aid: Tips for Emergency Pet Care

The month of April represents National Pet First Aid Awareness Month. First launched by the American Red Cross, National Pet First Aid Awareness Month has become an important platform to educate pet owners on how to handle pet emergencies at home. Your furry family members are extremely important to you, so it’s a good idea to learn how to take care of them in an emergency. For example, what if your dog had a seizure after hitting his head on the counter? What if your cat ate a bunch of toxic flowers? These types of accidents could happen at any time, so it’s a good idea to prepare and learn how to deal with these unfortunate incidents before rushing to the vet.

Some of the most common types of pet emergencies include dehydration, poisoning, seizures, serious animal bites, heat stroke and open wounds. Here are some first aid tips to help your pet during an emergency at home:

  • Periodically check to see if your pet is dehydrated. Dehydration can have harmful side effects, so this is an easy checkup that should not be overlooked. Pull up the skin between the shoulder blades. If the skin is slow to return back down and tents upward, the animal is most likely dehydrated and might need to receive fluid injections or hydration supplements.
  • If a pet is poisoned, he or she will display many telltale signs. These include foaming at the mouth, dilated pupils, erratic behavior, seizures or bleeding.
  • If your pet has a seizure, make sure to remove all unsafe objects from the area. However, you should not try to touch the animal near the mouth when seizing. Often times, pets get scared during a seizure and they could bite. 
  • Heat stroke/exhaustion is a big problem in the summer months, especially in tropical climates. To tell if your pet is having a heat stroke, look for the following signs: wobbliness, trouble breathing or heavy panting, an increase in saliva, or a body temperature of over 104 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Apply gauze to open, bleeding wounds with pressure after gently flushing the wound with water. Do not remove gauze until you get to the animal hospital or veterinary clinic. If the wound was caused by another animal, seek veterinary help immediately to prevent infection or disease.

It’s also important to remember that knowing how to take care of your pet at home is a really beneficial skill. However, it’s best to immediately report to a veterinarian or animal hospital after a serious accident. First aid is extremely important, but it is never a substitute for official veterinary treatment

Now that you have some pet first aid tips for emergencies, it’s a good time to prepare by making sure you have all the necessary treatment products. Pet Health Market offers a huge variety of pet medications and first aid supplies for all kinds of animals. Browse our inventory to find the products you need to ensure the safe care of your pet!

Monday, April 6, 2015

Davis Hand Repair & Protector Product Spotlight

Bisabolol, an active ingredient in the well-known plant Chamomile, has been shown effective in providing unparalleled relief when used in this hypoallergenic, hydrating hand lotion from Davis Manufacturing. Davis Hand Repair & Protector is, perhaps, the most effective lotion designed especially for veterinarians and dog grooming professionals who typically have their hands in soap and water many, many times a day.

If you suffer the effects of frequent exposure to shampoos, soaps and water, with symptoms including dry, irritated and cracked skin, you should definitely try this unique repair/protection lotion. It's greaseless going on, absorbs right into your skin when applied and can be used as a repair formula as well as for continual protection from the effects of any further exposure. It contains no fragrances, no paraben or lanolin. Recommendation for use is "as needed," but best practices have found it's best used just before bathing an animal and then again just after.

Chamomile has been used for many centuries for its healing properties, both medicinally and nutritionally. This chamomile-based therapeutic lotion is gentle enough to use on even sensitive skin and is great not only on hands and feet but on arms, legs and torso. The organic formula containing Bisabolol and Dura Prim 350 is pH balanced and has cosmetic grade preservatives to maintain freshness.

Immediate Benefits
Dry, itchy skin is not only unsightly and inconvenient, but becomes an almost accepted byproduct of certain types of activities such as animal bathing or grooming. While this Davis Hand Repair & Protector won't immediately clear up problem skin from past exposures, it will stop future skin dryness from developing if used as suggested, just before putting your hands into soapy water. Using it again immediately after exposure will start to steadily improve your skin until the evidence of dry, chapped skin has virtually disappeared.

The full ingredients list includes:
  • Bisabolol
  • Dura Prim 350
  • Glyceryl Stearate
  • Pure Water
  • Octadecanol
  • 1,2- Propanediol
  • Dimethicone
  • High grade preservative

Davis Manufacturing is a second-generation family-owned company specializing in top-quality products designed for the veterinary and animal grooming industries. They've been providing their quality product line since 1982. Hand Repair & Protector is offered here in the 19 oz pump bottle but is also available in a convenient 4 oz squeeze tube. Do yourself a favor and get one of each. You won't regret it.

Friday, April 3, 2015

TheraCoat Dietary Supplement For Dogs & Cats Reviewed

Phospholipids, an essential ingredient in all healthy cell membranes, is extracted from premium quality soybeans, deoiled, purified and made into a revolutionary dietary supplement for dogs and cats called TheraCoat. Other ingredients include fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), Vitamin B, Linoleic acid, choline and inositol. Together with other proprietary ingredients, this formula has the wonderful capability to significantly improve skin and coat appearance of dogs and cats while simultaneously boosting their overall well-being.

While TheraCoat is typically recommended for pets suffering from some type of dermatological problem, fact is, this dietary supplement benefits the health of any dog or cat. After as few as 30 days or less of consistently using TheraCoat, your pet's coat will be noticeably fuller, appear shinier and become more moist, eliminating the dryness and scratching common among those suffering from dermatitis, etc. While some pets respond to this supplement in just a week or so, others may take as long as a month or more of daily use to show visible signs of improvement. After 60 days there should be absolutely no doubt of your dog or cat's significant improvement.

TheraCoat comes in a 400-gram container and the recommended dosage is just 1/2 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight. It comes in granular form and is simply sprinkled on your pet's regular food. Most dogs and cats seem to love the flavor of TheraCoat Dietary Supplement, so it's no trouble at all to get them to "take their medicine."

Phospholipids, the primary ingredients in TheraCoat, are the number one building blocks of proper cell function and cell structure in all bodies. As cell structure improves, overall health improves, both inside and out. Some of the problems common to phospholipid deficiency include decreased skin elasticity, dryness and scaling. Hair may refuse to regrow, wounds will heal poorly and there will be a general decline in mood/well-being.

Benefits of TheraCoat
Using TheraCoat daily on a consistent basis should provide the following benefits to your pet:
  • Improved hair growth and a lustrous coat
  • Proper skin regeneration and healing
  • Reduced dryness of both coat and underlying skin
  • Less ear discharge, tear stains and itching
  • Increased energy level and mobility among older animals
  • Improved immune system response

  • TheraCoat is a wonderfully effective dietary supplement, touted by vets and pet owners alike. Your pet will thank your for this!

    Guide to a Pet Friendly Valentine's Day

    Sugar hearts, greeting cards and bouquets all signify that Valentine's Day is almost here. For the humans in your life, chocolate and flowers fill the house with abandon! However, your furry friends may not have such a great time if they happen to encounter some candy or gift-giving trash. Keep your Valentine's Day pet-friendly with a few key ideas for fun and safety around the home.

    Give Non-Toxic Flowers
    Be more creative and choose flowers other than roses. Along with being potentially toxic when ingested, roses pose a physical threat with their thorns. You don't want small animal paws pricked with thorns so choose alternative flower types. Jasmine, camellias and orchids are all gorgeous species with a more pet-friendly tone. Roses rise in price for Valentine's Day anyway so look for a deal using alternative selections.

    Get the Pets Involved
    Your pets may be very inquisitive so involve them on Valentine's Day to keep them away from other items in the home. If they feel left out, they may try to chew on important items nearby. Try a perfect tug-and-toss toy as a gift from you to a loving dog. They'll spend hours getting to know their new toy friend. Surprise your dog with treats they can eat. Dogs can't deny the intoxicating taste of peanut butter.

    Hide the Drinks and Chocolate Boxes
    Chocolate is toxic to dogs and alcohol isn't suited for any pet in the home. Keep both of these items up on a counter or put away in a cabinet. Cats, in particular, get into trouble because they can jump on counters to grab certain treats. Spending Valentine's night at the pet hospital isn't the definition of a good time.

    Adopt a Pet as a Couple
    It may seem adorable, but avoid any pet adoptions for gift-giving reasons. A pet is a huge responsibility for couples and families. Try another gift idea and talk about adopting a pet to complement your current furry friend. Adding another family member should be a group decision, not a surprise in a box.

    Clean up the Mess
    It's exciting to receive gifts on Valentine's Day, but don't be reckless with the waste. Gift wrap, plastic and even bows are tempting for pets to chew. Pick up any trash that falls to the ground. Even the smallest plastic piece can accidentally choke an adorable kitten or puppy. Be responsible and see your pet wagging its tail for years to come.

    With all the right moves, it should only be the people with stomach aches this Valentine's Day. You don't want your dog, cat or other pet unhappy on this loving holiday. Keep their needs in mind and they'll be happy critters well past this February holiday.

    Monday, January 5, 2015

    Perio Plus Dental Health Stix: Give Your Pup a Clean Mouth

    Are you looking for a convenient, simple and low-cost solution to dog dental care and maintenance? Instead of scheduling another expensive trip to the vet, try this: Perio Plus Dental Health Stix. They’re a comprehensive, cutting-edge solution that handles all aspects of dental care for dogs without breaking the bank. And dogs love them!

    Made by Vetri-Science, Perio Plus Stix for Dogs is a complete dental formula that doubles as tasty dog treats, ensuring pets will happily chew on a daily basis. Designed to support the different aspects of periodontal health, these Dental Health Stix are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Designed to support dental wellness between routine dental checkups, the Dental Health Stix work to maintain fresh breath, healthy gums, and clean teeth of plaque buildup.

    Perio Plus Dental Heath Stix works via a two-layer system designed to provide appropriate support at different stages. The crunchy outer layer promotes plague control, dental cleaning and fresh breath with various natural ingredients and extracts. The softer inner layer includes zinc, probiotics, taurine and other ingredients that work together to maintain gum tissue health and overall oral well-being.

    Dental care for dogs is critical and often overlooked. According to data from the American Veterinary Dental Society, over 75% of all pets harbor periodontal disease. It’s far and away the #1 overall health problem diagnosed in many dogs and cats. Dental health for canines is an important component of the overall health and well-being of your pet, as it affects the health of the kidneys, lungs and heart. Make sure you’re proactively giving your pet daily dental care before it becomes a real problem! Vetri-Science Perio Plus Stix for Dogs are a convenient solution wrapped in the form of a daily tasty treat.

    If you’re searching for a no-stress, no-fuss way to provide adequate dog dental care, Perio Plus Stix for Dogs are a no-brainer. Your dog will thank you with a fresh, wet kiss!