Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Eliminating Your Pet’s Dry Eyes with OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron

Dogs, cats and even horses often suffer from dry eye, which can negatively affect their mood and behavior. Severe dry eye, also known as keratoconjuctivitis sicca (KCS) can be extremely damaging. It can lead to corneal ulcers, corneal rupture, ocular infections, corneal mineralization and scarring. Though dry eye might seem like a harmless, easily fixable condition, it can have long-lasting negative health effects if not treated properly.

In order to thwart eye dryness and negative health consequences, top veterinarians recommend using an eye lubricant like OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron 25 g. As the top-selling corneal protectant and lubricant, OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron has been proven to help protect the cornea and conjunctiva and provide long-lasting lubrication for maximum comfort.

When an animal has itchy, red, dry eyes, nothing satisfies better than OptixCare Eye Lube. This leading eye lubricant for animals comes in a sterile carbomer gel that adheres to the surface of the eye more effectively. When the gel touches tears, it swells and changes consistency from a thicker substance to a watery coating. The hyaluron, which is also present in the gel, assists in helping the carbomer gel attract and retain the water for optimal hydration. Because OptixCare includes both a carbomer gel and hyaluron, it allows the substance to remain on the eye for a longer period of time. Droplets are also more controlled because of the gel’s viscosity. This makes it easier to apply to the eye, especially if an animal is being fussy due to irritation.

In addition to being a safe, effective solution to dry eye, OptixCare Eye Lube can also help prevent optical damage during surgery. For instance, is typically used as a corneal protectant when an animal goes under anesthesia or during sedation.

Top Benefits of OptixCare Eye Lube + Hyaluron
  • Easy to apply due to unique consistency
  • Coats eyes rapidly and efficiently
  • Provides long-lasting eye comfort
  • Safe, non-irritating formula
  • Decreases eye dehydration during sedation or under anesthesia
  • No. 1 selling eye drops for animals
  • Can be used on dogs, cats and horses

With OptixCare Eye Lube, all you need is one or two drops to ensure maximum comfort and improve the animal’s condition. Because of its consistency, OptixCare is the ideal animal eye care product for veterinarians and pet owners. Owners will be happy to know that this product is safe and easy to use at home to cure your pet’s dry eyes! Try OptixCare today and start noticing an improvement in your animal’s eye health!


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