Friday, April 3, 2015

TheraCoat Dietary Supplement For Dogs & Cats Reviewed

Phospholipids, an essential ingredient in all healthy cell membranes, is extracted from premium quality soybeans, deoiled, purified and made into a revolutionary dietary supplement for dogs and cats called TheraCoat. Other ingredients include fatty acids (omega-3 and omega-6), Vitamin B, Linoleic acid, choline and inositol. Together with other proprietary ingredients, this formula has the wonderful capability to significantly improve skin and coat appearance of dogs and cats while simultaneously boosting their overall well-being.

While TheraCoat is typically recommended for pets suffering from some type of dermatological problem, fact is, this dietary supplement benefits the health of any dog or cat. After as few as 30 days or less of consistently using TheraCoat, your pet's coat will be noticeably fuller, appear shinier and become more moist, eliminating the dryness and scratching common among those suffering from dermatitis, etc. While some pets respond to this supplement in just a week or so, others may take as long as a month or more of daily use to show visible signs of improvement. After 60 days there should be absolutely no doubt of your dog or cat's significant improvement.

TheraCoat comes in a 400-gram container and the recommended dosage is just 1/2 teaspoon for every 10 pounds of body weight. It comes in granular form and is simply sprinkled on your pet's regular food. Most dogs and cats seem to love the flavor of TheraCoat Dietary Supplement, so it's no trouble at all to get them to "take their medicine."

Phospholipids, the primary ingredients in TheraCoat, are the number one building blocks of proper cell function and cell structure in all bodies. As cell structure improves, overall health improves, both inside and out. Some of the problems common to phospholipid deficiency include decreased skin elasticity, dryness and scaling. Hair may refuse to regrow, wounds will heal poorly and there will be a general decline in mood/well-being.

Benefits of TheraCoat
Using TheraCoat daily on a consistent basis should provide the following benefits to your pet:
  • Improved hair growth and a lustrous coat
  • Proper skin regeneration and healing
  • Reduced dryness of both coat and underlying skin
  • Less ear discharge, tear stains and itching
  • Increased energy level and mobility among older animals
  • Improved immune system response

  • TheraCoat is a wonderfully effective dietary supplement, touted by vets and pet owners alike. Your pet will thank your for this!


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