Monday, September 10, 2012

Product Review: Bio Spot

bio spot dog flea and tick prevention medicine

Keep your pooch happy and itch-free with Bio Spot Spot On flea and tick repellant for dogs. This spot treatment goes on easily as a spot or a stripe on your dog’s back one time per month. Bio Spot kill and repels pesky adult fleas for up to four weeks and the treatment will kill flea eggs and larvae for up to four months. For problems with ticks, Bio Spot also kills and repels those nasty creatures and continues working for four weeks. Bio Spot targets Deer Ticks, Brown Dog Ticks and American Dog Ticks. This treatment also effectively prevents feeding by mosquitoes for four weeks.

Bio Spot is a great all-in-one treatment for your dog to keep him safe and happy as you guard against disease-carrying biting pests. Bio Spot should only be used on dogs over the age of 12 weeks and should never be used on cats or animals other than dogs.

Topical flea protection is easy to use with minimal disruption to your dog’s routine or your own. Unlike pills, topical treatment like Bio Spot requires little fuss and stress for your dog and you. This ease of use means that Bio Spot is a perfect treatment method for a busy family.

This is an easy-to-use treatment that has demonstrated an effectiveness of 92 percent and greater control of fleas within one day of use. This product offers great protection for man’s best friend so your pal can enjoy a healthy, happy lifestyle that includes time outdoors without worrying about the insects that will make him unhappy. Try Bio Spot and keep your dog smiling and bite-free.

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