Monday, June 24, 2013

Product Review: Furminator - Deshedding Tool for Pets

Pets shed all year long but it gets drastically worse in the summer time as the sun turns up the heat. Fortunately, the Furminator deshedding tool can save you from cleaning up extra hair! The Furminator is one of our top selling products and for good reason. This little brush does an amazing job!

How the Furminator Works

The Furminator is specifically designed to reach deep-down into the undercoat. By attacking the source of shedding, the Furminator is able to remove the dead undercoat hair. And thus reducing shedding by up to 90 percent! This means that you don’t have to vacuum your couch twice a day or worry about dog hair in your dinner.  All of this is done without cutting the skin of the animal or affecting their beautiful top coat.

What Animals Can Use The Furminator?

We carry a Furminator for every sized animal! From small animals such as rabbits to large animals that can weigh anywhere between 51 and 90 lbs, we have a Furminator for you. Pay close attention when buying your Furminator; as you want to choose the one based on size of the animal and the hair length. Hair length is very important because you want to get the comb teeth that will reach the bottom of the animal’s coat and allows for optimal deshedding.

This ultimate deshedding tool is guaranteed to be the best dog grooming tool on the market. With a comfortable handle and strong design, the Furminator will change the way your pet sheds, forever! Find the Furminator for your animal today, and be on the way to stop all this shedding!

For more information or to order your Furminator brush, visit Pet Health Market online store.

Traveling Tips - Dog Anxiety & Arthritis

Summer is starting, schools are out, and trips are being planned. Planning a vacation, even for the weekend, is never as easy as it sounds. And when you throw a dog into the mix things can get complicated. Fortunately, you can have your furry friend travel with you without having to worry about him becoming anxious or in pain. For dogs, both anxiety and arthritis pain are very common issues when traveling, but there are a few ways that you can deal with these unwanted problems.

1. Treating Pet Anxiety – Use anxiety medicine

Traveling with your loving pet is a great feeling, and it’s nearly impossible to not have a smile on your face when you see your pup with his face flopping in the summer wind. While this is the ideal travel experience, it doesn’t always go this smoothly. One of the biggest problems when traveling with a dog is worrying about them becoming anxious, which may lead them to howl, bark or relieve themselves in inappropriate places. When you take long trips this anxiety can build up and make it not only tough for you, but also very uncomfortable for your dog. Don’t worry though! Our dog anxiety medicine, made by Kemin, is a quick and safe fix to these anxious times. These pills help curb the nervousness, panting and destructiveness, all while not affecting the dog’s emotions and cute personality.

2. Relieving Arthritis Pain: Try pet-friendly arthritis pills

Another problem some dogs have, especially when they’re older, is arthritis. When you travel, being cooped up in a small area for numerous hours can cause joint pain. No one wants to see their pet in any kind of pain, and thankfully you don’t have to with TriCox Soft Chew arthritis medicine. By giving your pet our specially formulated dog arthritis treatment pills, you can relieve the pains that are associated with long travels and extended play time in the park. You shouldn’t miss out on any of the fun so don’t let your dog’s arthritis get in the way.

Do you have problems giving your dog pills? At Pet Health Market, we have the solution for that dilemma too. We understand that it can be difficult to give dogs medicine, so we have a specially designed hide a pill treat. This clever product, produced by Sogeval, comes with 30 hiders in a small container. You simply slip the medicine in the treat, it’s covered and voila! Your pup will scarf down the treat and soon begin to calm down or relieve them of their arthritis pains or anxiety.

Before you start your traveling, make sure you’re fully prepared. You don’t have to miss out on having your dog travel with you just because he is anxious or has arthritis pain. Enjoy the trip with your best buddy and have some great adventures this summer!