Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Clotrimatop (Clotrimazole 1%) Solution Product Spotlight

Clotrimatop, a 1% Clotrimazole solution is typically prescribed for dogs suffering from different forms of fungal growth and it's found that these particular fungi are responsive to this drug. It's a proven, effective anti-fungal solution in any number of applications and has been used with a high degree of success on human patients as well as animals.

Clotrimatop has received rave reviews from many patients who have found relief from the incessant itching, burning, cracking and general discomfort that typically accompany symptoms of fungal growth on different parts of the body.

Clotrimatop is available in a 30mL plastic drip bottle and is recommended especially for animals with dermatological problems due to fungal growth, particularly in the ears. In humans, it's been shown to work on ringworm, jock itch and athletes' foot. Unlike the prevalent creams sold on the market for jock itch and athlete’s foot, this liquid solution actually works because it's able to seep down and act on the areas being affected.

One patient who wrote in describing her experiences stated that she had been suffering from ear fungus for a number of years, even though she had sought a variety of different treatments. Using the Clotrimatop 1% solution the first few times caused a certain amount of discomfort because her ears were literally raw from being rubbed and scratched so much. After that, though, there was no more pain, no more scratching or rubbing, and the ear infections cleared up within a month's time.

If you have itchy ears, especially as the result of ear fungus, you really owe it to yourself to give this product a try. As one gentleman stated, "I know it's for dogs, but fungus doesn't discriminate." If you look, you'll find that many of the anti-fungal remedies sold for use on humans contain some of the same ingredients found in Clotrimatop. Because this is a product directed for use on dogs, the price is significantly lower than the one for the "human" medicine.

Clotrimazole seems to work well on dogs and humans, too. Offered by Butler Schein™ Animal Health, this is a recommended product.


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