Friday, December 20, 2013

Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Pet

As a child, I always enjoyed the moment when my family would give our golden retriever his Christmas present. It was usually something quite simple, maybe a small toy or a bag of dog treats. Zach would be perplexed at first, unsure of our eagerness for him to rip the colorful wrapping paper apart. Usually he got in trouble for such things—but Christmas was special. Sometimes we would even snip a hole in the packaging of the treats so he could smell them, and I would giggle as he eagerly ripped off the paper and the packaging and devoured his goodies.

Make sure you don’t leave your pet out of the excitement this holiday season. As an important part of your family, your pet should have his or her own special part in the celebration. Consider these suggestions for a special gift for your pet this Holiday Season.

Pur Luv has a wide selection of healthy dog treats in a variety of sizes and flavors. Pur Lov Grande Bones are perfect for medium to large dogs, and smaller dogs will enjoy Pur Lov Little Trix or Pur Lov Mini Bones. Another wonderful option for dogs of all sizes is Pur Love Chewy Bites. Each of these treats come in either Bacon or Peanut Butter flavor and are low in fat, high in omega fatty acids, and contain no animal by-products. These rich and flavorful treats will be tasty for your dog—and nutritious for them too!

Include your dog in the festivities and toasting during the holiday season and treat him to some 3 Busy Dogs Bowser Beer. This non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer is made especially with your pet in mind. All ingredients are American-made and meet human grade standards. Bowser Beer flavors include Beefy Brown Ale, Chicken Flavor, and Cock-a-Doodle Brew. Consider this creative gift idea for your pet this Christmas!

Kong Dog Toys are an excellent idea for entertaining play for your dog both inside and outside. Kong Wubba toys come in a variety of sizes to make sure you get the toy that fits perfectly with your dog’s size and breed. These toys have long tails that your dog will love shaking and flapping back and forth. The soft fleece Kong Snugga Wubba Dog Toy is perfect for playing inside. Kong also makes special toys for senior dogs, encouraging your older dog to play and exercise, while also using a gentle rubber formula to go easier on their teeth. Regardless of your dog’s size, breed, or age, he or she deserves a special gift this Holiday Season.


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