Thursday, August 29, 2013

Dog Behavior Aid: Product Review

If you are having trouble getting your dog to behave, InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray can help condition your pet’s behavior like one of Pavlov’s dogs.  This dog behavior aid from Meridian Animal Health is safe for dogs and relies on a spray and hissing noise to shape dog behavior. The price of this product will also be easy on your budget and can be used as a safe, long-term dog behavior aid.

How It Works
InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray is made with canine pheromones that have been shown to change the behavior of dogs. When your dog starts acting up, simply spray the product to get immediate results. The spray bottle also emits a hissing sound when sprayed that is similar to a sound that dog trainers make when they correct a dog’s behavior. InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray can be used as often as needed and will not harm the health of your dog. This product is also environmentally-friendly and does not emit any type of propellants. A product that is known to have similar results is the Sentry Stop That! Noise and Pheromone Spray.

Key Ingredient
InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray’s main ingredient is Adrostenone, a chemical produced naturally by an animal species to change behavior of another species. This pheromone is found naturally in the saliva of male pigs and is used in their mating practices to court their female mates. The interomone spray is also combined with a hissing noise when the device is activated, further conditioning the dog’s behavior for immediate results in 97% of dogs.

You can use this spray to correct all different types of unwanted pet behavior. If your dog becomes excitable around strangers or other dogs, you can use this product as a way to train your pet to not act out so aggressively. InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray can be particularly helpful if your dog becomes aggressive or overly energetic during a visit with the vet. This product may also be useful when your dog is being bathed and groomed. You can also use this spray for dog bark control and to stop your dog from chewing on items around your home. This spray can additionally be useful in potty training.

InteroSTOP Noise and Interomone Spray is a wise investment if you are having trouble handling your dog’s behavior. You are likely to be pleased with the dramatic results. The product has a 3 year shelf life, is environmentally friendly and is safe for use on all breeds of dogs. Relieve yourself from the stress of having a misbehaved dog by ordering this product today.


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