Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Get Rid of the Odor, Not Your Pet!

As the cold, winter months set in, your dog or cat will be spending more time inside. Whether they have a training crate or free reign of the household, pet odors add up over time, especially since windows are often sealed shut until spring. You can wash a pet bed and light scented candles all winter long, but a standing odor may still permeate your nose. There is a simple solution in NaturVet OdoKill Concentrated Deodorizer.

What Is It?
Sold as a concentrated liquid, you dilute the deodorizer with water. This product is meant for cleaned areas, not soiled spots. However, a clean spot may still have a lingering odor that is offensive to friends and family. Application is simple with a mop or sponge, based on the area's size.

Typical Application
Apply OdoKill deodorizer to almost any material, from soil to concrete. Wipe down the pet crate or even a special napping area in the laundry room. Just don't apply the deodorizer to the pet. Although Sparky or Mittens may smell bad, this deodorizer is not meant for live animals. Give them a bath!

If you have a large area to cover, such as a basement floor, pour one ounce of OdoKill into one gallon of water. Carefully mop the area and allow to dry. A particularly pungent smell across an entire room may require a more concentrated dose. Add two ounces of OdoKill to one gallon of water to remove truly smelly problem areas.

Spot Treatment
Cats and dogs with particular glandular issues tend to rub one small area with their rear ends. The smell emanating from one part of the rug, for example, is downright disgusting! OdoKill can quickly spot-remove odors. Simply drizzle undiluted OdoKill on the spot and breathe in deeply. This deodorizer knows how to remove the worst smells.

Special Circumstances
Many pet owners have dirt runs that they use repeatedly for dogs, and even some cats. With heavy use, your backyard turns into a smelly location, forcing you to keep windows closed. Using the heavy duty dilution ratio of 2-to-1 OdoKill to water, fill a hose-end sprayer with the liquid. Working from side-to-side, spray the dirt run carefully until it is saturated. Try to spray on a slightly cloudy day to prevent excessive evaporation and avoid rainy days. You want OdoKill to permeate the ground for a pleasant backyard scent.

Your loyal pet companion has some natural, offensive odors, but you can still cuddle with them when you use OdoKill on their play areas. Keep your floors and training crate clean with consistent OdoKill use. Your nose will appreciate the effort.


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