Friday, July 18, 2014

Summer Grooming Tips for Dogs

Grooming your dog in the summer is different from grooming in any other season. In fact, the summer season may warrant more baths, more brushing, and more flea and tick checking. With trips to the park and the beach, you may be wondering how to keep your dog cool and clean. Here at Pet Health Market, we’ve compiled some tips on just how to do so during these hot summer days.

1.    Trimming

Pet health specialists say to resist the urge to shave off your dog’s coat – especially if they come from cold weather climates. For example, if you give a husky a buzz cut, it may damage the coat and prevent it from growing back properly. Most dogs have a coat that already acts to keep the dog cool by “lofting” as it moves. If you’d rather not be responsible for coat trimming, locate a responsible dog groomer that has good reviews and get his advice on how much to trim for the summer season.

2.    Brushing

Brush your pet daily to prevent their hair from tangling or matting. With a matte of hair, it may be difficult to see cuts, scratches, and infections. Tangles in the dogs coat also may be painful for the animal. Make sure to choose a grooming tool that matches his coat type, so that you will be able to remove loose hair from the coat. It’s important to brush your dog thoroughly every day in order to prevent those pesky mattes and keep the air circulating in the coat.

3.    Bathing

There’s plenty of detailed instructions online about how to properly bathe your dog during the summer months, but we will summarize it. Fill the bath, and completely wet the dog’s coat before adding shampoo. Add shampoo (preferably an oatmeal or flea and tick shampoo) but make sure not to get any near the dog’s ears, eyes or nose. While you’re bathing your pup, you might as well brush their teeth so their chompers are pearly white – the perfect accent for their freshly washed coat. Rinse thoroughly, towel him off, give him a treat, and let him carry on with his day.

4.    Check for Fleas and Ticks

During the summer months, it is especially important to constantly check your dog for flea and tick infestations – don’t forget to check between their paws, toes, ears, and other hiding places for ticks or any other debris.

The summer months are a time of fun for your animals – just make sure to be conscious of your animal’s health and cleanliness. For more dog grooming products and information, check out Pet Health Market.


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