Thursday, May 22, 2014

Relieve Cat Constipation with a Pet Enema

Cleaning out the litter box is one of those pet chores that most people tolerate because they love their cats. However, this daily chore is actually a smart way to observe your cat's health. Diarrhea, normal stools or no feces at all speaks volumes about your cat’s digestive health. If you notice no stools over several days, the cat is probably constipated. There is a simple way to induce bowel movements by using Feline Pet-Ema Enema treatments.

Perfect Patients

Constipation occurs in both healthy and sickly cats, making Feline Pet-Ema Enema perfect for almost any household to have on standby. Typically used on adult cats, this enema stops constipation from common causes, like dehydration, hair balls and post-operative issues. If your cat doesn't defecate for two or three days, try an enema to relieve their pain. Hard stools are difficult to pass, encouraging the cat to hold it in.

With consistent enema use, their bowel movements should be more frequent. However, only use the enema when necessary. It's best to allow nature to move the bowels. Enemas can only lubricate and smooth out the process - but only if needed.

How It's Administered

Feline Pet-Ema Enema must be administered rectally. The medication needs to reach the intestines directly to work effectively. It's best to have two people administering the enema. The cat's owner should hold the cat firmly, stroking their fur to relieve stress. Another person should gently press the nozzle into the rectum and push the plunger all the way down. Feline Pet-Ema Enema has a smooth action, allowing the medication to flow quickly through the nozzle and into the rectum. There's no bothersome sensation with the medication. The cat can go about their business until they feel the need to defecate.

The Magic Formula

The main ingredient, called dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate, encourages water into the fecal matter to make it a softer and more normal texture. This enema is highly successful with even the most stubborn constipation. Aside from a preservative, the dioctyl sodium sulfosuccinate takes up most of the syringe's volume.

Allowing the cat to remain constipated is painful and can harm internal bowels. This cat enema treatment stimulates cats back into a normal bowel movement schedule. Keep your kitty happy with a regular digestive system.


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