Thursday, April 17, 2014

Soft Chews for Canine Joint Health

Your dog's paws and legs take the full brunt of running impacts throughout their life. As they grow older, joints may not be as resilient as before, requiring the dog to slow down and decrease their activity level. However, your dog needs to stay active for a long and healthy life. To improve their overall joint health, Butler Schein has created soft chew supplements that add critical nutrients to your dog's diet. You'll see the difference it makes in a matter of weeks.

Soft chews support the joints with essential nutrients that bolster cartilage strength and resiliency. Vitamins, including Vitamin C and E, are key components of the supplement, along with minerals and antioxidants that keep your dog’s body balanced.

One of the major benefits these soft chews offer is fatty acids. DHA and EPA Omega-3 fatty acids contribute to joint health by reducing inflammation. When joints are inflamed, they are more painful and force your dog to limp or stay still. Reduced inflammation gives them a chance to be active and exercise key muscle groups.

These joint support soft chews also have several other active ingredients, including MSM, glucosamine and Creatine. When you combine these nutrients together, you form a strong support for both muscles and joints. Muscles keep joints aligned, especially during strenuous runs. Your dog's muscle tone adds to joint health for many years of play and fun.

If you believe your dog could use some joint support, follow some basic steps to make these soft chews part of your dog's daily diet. Butler Schein suggests an initial 4- to 6-week period of daily chews administration to jump-start joint health. If your dog weighs between 16 and 30 pounds, for example, they should take one chew each day. Once the 4- to 6-week period elapses, only one-half of a chew is necessary each day for joint health maintenance.

You may be wary about your dog eating the chew at all, especially if they are picky eaters. The chews are best taken with a meal to prevent any digestive distress. Hide the chew in a treat or within their breakfast or dinner. You'll find that they'll eat the chew without even noticing. Make sure to check the daily chew amounts based on your dog's weight. Without a calculated intake, the chews won't be as effective over time.

Get your dog up and running around the yard again with Butler Schein soft chews. You'll feel like you have a puppy again with comfortable joints all day long. Your dog will notice the difference with a happier demeanor and increased vigor.


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