Thursday, March 20, 2014

Managing Your Pet’s Plaque & Oral Health with ProDen PlaqueOff

Proper oral hygiene has been a point of emphasis for both human dentists and veterinarians for years now. Not only does consistent oral care improve the look and smell of your pet’s mouth but will reduce the risk associated with more serious health issues later on in life. It’s estimated by veterinarians that 85% of dogs over the age of 5 are afflicted with periodontal disease, which advances over time as food particles and bacteria harden into tartar then inflaming the gums. If the tartar is not removed the bacteria will continue to thrive and your pet may be at risk of losing teeth, forming mouth abscesses or contracting a bacterial blood infection that may spread to a pet’s vital organs.

The best way to protect your pet from gum disease is routine oral hygiene maintenance with a pet toothbrush and pet toothpaste. Brushing your pet’s teeth once a day washes food particles and cleans bacteria from the mouth. It is recommended you begin teeth brushing when your dog or cat is younger so they become accustomed with the feeling. Investing time and staying on top of teeth brushing will save you hundreds of dollars and your pet the unnecessary stress that comes with a teeth scaling procedure.

If you are unable to commit to a daily teeth brushing schedule or your furry friend already has plaque and tartar buildup, ProDen PlaqueOff natural supplement for dogs and cats may be the answer. ProDen PlaqueOff Animal is formulated with specially selected seaweed to improve pet teeth and gums when added to wet or dry food. The natural granules are the only pet oral care product that works through the pet’s bloodstream to disrupt biofile, effectively reducing plaque levels and improving your dog or cat’s breath. This pet oral health product has no known side effects, contains no artificial colors, preservatives, gluten or sugar making it the perfect answer for pets with allergic reactions.

Improvement in your pet’s breath, teeth and gum appearance will not be seen immediately as the PlaqueOff supplement takes anywhere from 3-8 weeks to take effect. Remember that your pet’s oral health will not be drastically improved or worsened within a day or two; it takes routine brushing, regular visits to the vet and sometimes an extra supplement like ProDen PlaqueOff to manage pet gum and periodontal disease.


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