Friday, March 21, 2014

Help Your Senior Dog's Joints Become More Agile

Your grandmother or grandfather may be battling arthritis in their fingers or knees, but your dog can also suffer from the same ailment. A dog that appears to limp or walk stiffly, or even refuse to get up at times may have arthritis. As a trusted partner in pet care, TriCOX has created a comprehensive joint support supplement that is designed for a dog's body chemistry. Consider your dog's needs to see if this supplement is right for your best friend.

What Causes Joint Problems in Dogs?

As a dog ages, their body starts to wear down. Although you may provide excellent exercise and nutrition for your dog, their bodies do not harness the nutrients as well as they did in the past. Hardworking joints begin to deteriorate. Protective cartilage in the joint breaks down over time, forcing bone on bone joint grinding. The area becomes inflamed, causing pain and onset of osteoarthritis. The leg joints are the most common area to be affected because of the dog's weight and running habits.

Using Collagen as Main Support
TriCOX created their joint supplement on the basis of undentured collagen benefits. Also referred to as patented UC-II, collagen is a basic protein typically found in the dog's body. Connective tissue uses collagen as a strong, yet flexible, substance to bind bones and other body parts together. TriCOX's supplements offer valuable UC-II to the dog's body, effectively reducing inflammation at joints for osteoarthritis relief. In essence, the supplement calms the dog's immune system from overreacting to the joint's deterioration.

Results Can Be Startling
Along with reduced immune system inflammation at the joints, these soft chews provide critical antioxidants to encourage normal cartilage and muscle growth. Strong cartilage at the joint reduces osteoarthritis occurrences, making your dog run and walk normally without pain. Increased muscle growth also helps the joints by supporting them through stressful movements, from bending the legs to running down a hill. Your dog will feel and act years younger than normal with successful soft chew treatments.

Keep It Consistent

TriCOX recommends each dog consumes between one-half to three chews each day, based on pet weight. Regular supplements working inside the dog's body allows the joints to remain healthy and supported. Luckily, TriCOX makes the supplements palatable so you can hide them in the dog's food. However, you must also keep the dog on a healthy diet with plenty of exercise. Combining supplements, exercise and good food contributes to a healthy best friend.


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