Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bag Balm: The Uses Are Endless

Bag Balm was originally created as a salve for chapped dairy cow teats. Whether the cow was milked by hand or with a machine, the teats' skin goes through a lot of friction each day. Chapped skin leads to cracks and cuts, allowing possible bacteria into the cow's body. Contaminated milk, and possible cow disease, could render the animal useless on the farm. With Bag Balm's moisturizing nourishment, cows are ready for milking every day. See where else you can use this salve in your life. You don't need to be on a farm to enjoy Bag Balm. In fact, dogs and cats are prime candidates for this soothing ointment.

What's In This Stuff?

Bag Balm uses three main ingredients, including 8-hydroxyquinoline sulphate, petrolatum and lanolin. Although it has a long, scientific name, 8-hydroxyquinoline sulphate is simply an antiseptic, clearing the way for safe moisturizing without harmful germs nearby. Petrolatum contributes some moisture to Bag Balm, but acts more like a trap to keep moisture in the skin. Lastly, lanolin provides most of the moisture, making the skin feel silky and smooth.

Can I Use It on All My Pets?

Because Bag Balm is tested and designed for animal use, you can use it on your dogs and cats. Use Bag Balm to soothe sore nipples during nursing, or even use it on their paws. Hot summer days often chap dog and cat paw skin. With moisture comes natural skin healing, whether the salve is applied on the nipples or paws. Any chapped or cracked skin can easily recover with Bag Balm use.

Thinking Of Using It on Your Skin?

You know you've thought about using Bag Balm on your skin. Have no fear, this salve is perfect for chapped hands and feet. Wear it at night with socks and gloves to truly rejuvenate the skin. For people with certain skin ailments, including psoriasis, you can use Bag Balm to treat irritated skin. With its harmonious ingredients, they absorb quickly into the skin, leaving a protective film across the skin to keep moisture trapped. Because your skin is your largest organ, you need to care for it constantly with Bag Balm use. Buy a container for yourself, and your four-legged friend, for skin irritation relief every day.

Good Application Practices

If you are going to apply Bag Balm to your cat or dog, make sure to rinse the application area thoroughly. Avoid cross-contamination between treated sites by applying the lotion separately to each area. For example, apply product to the nipples separately from the paws.

For application on your body, simply wash the area and dry it. Apply the ointment, and allow it to remain, such as overnight. You'll notice the difference almost immediately. Because there is no alcohol in Bag Balm, the product has a full moisturizing effect on the skin.

Look for the green canister when you purchase Bag Balm. With many competitors, no one can match this brand's quality salve for ailing skin.


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