Thursday, January 23, 2014

Your Pet's Liver: A Vital Organ

You may be more concerned about your pet's weight and cardiovascular health than worrying about their liver, but this vital organ plays a role in almost all of your pet's daily activities. If you have noticed a marked change in your dog or cat, from lethargy to vomiting, you may want to look into a liver supplement that supports this organ with key nutrients.

Liver Basics

Acting as a checkpoint for all incoming nutrients, your pet's liver performs several jobs. It filters blood and distributes nutrients to different body areas. The liver secretes bile, contributing to proper digestion processes. Metabolism is also controlled and altered in the liver, along with removing harmful toxins from the body. A poorly functioning pet liver reflects a number of different symptoms, including reduced appetite and yellowing of the skin. Providing your pet with a liver supporting supplement is key to changing their health outlook.

Vetri-Science Vetri-SAMe 90 Liver Support Formula

Using a mixture of SAMe with glutathione, Vetri-SAMe 90 supports liver function by supplementing nutrients that may be deficient in your pet. Chronic diseases or aging can contribute to poor liver functions. The manufacturer has created Vetri-SAMe to dissolve solely in the small intestine. Here, the nutrients flow from the intestine's bloodstream to the liver directly. This short trip allows the nutrients to remain intact, and ready for absorption within the liver. The tablet should not dissolve in the stomach because of the supplement's strong outer layer. This supplement, however, is approved for dogs only.

Nutramax Denosyl

Denosyl consists of the active ingredient, S-Adenosylmethionine. This molecule helps the liver by protecting it against cellular death and toxin exposure. Approved for both dogs and cats, this supplement is available in several dosage levels. From small to large pets, Denosyl supports liver functions by providing antioxidants at the liver level. After administration, pets can have possible liver cell regeneration and increased bile production. Each tablet is extremely sensitive to moisture, so only pull the tablet out when you are ready to give it to your pet.

Vetri-Science Vetri-Liver Feline Chews

This feline-only supplement uses over one dozen ingredients to support the liver in metabolism, filtering and detoxifying. Cats are relatively finicky when it comes to eating supplements. Vetri-Liver offers a tantalizing chicken flavor and a bone shape to entice the most stubborn cats. The amino acids within the supplement allow the liver to work properly, with antioxidant protection.

Proper liver health is crucial for a happy and strong pet. Always evaluate your pet for any unusual behavior. Contact your veterinarian if you have any concerns about behavior or eating habits. Administering any of these three supplements allows your pet to recover and thrive after a mild to moderate liver issue.


  1. I strongly agree! It's so sad to know that my dog is under weight. But I guess this is the effect of being in vet hospital because of pet parasites. That's why their liver is very important. Thanks for the tips. I appreciate it.

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