Wednesday, January 22, 2014

5 Hypoallergenic Dog Breeds

Basenji Breed
You dream of the day when you can bring a dog home to your family, but persistent allergies have made that dream almost impossible. From congestion to itchy eyes, dog allergies are uncomfortable and frustrating. There is some hope for allergy-sufferers, however. Several dog breeds are actually considered hypoallergenic. If you look for some of the top breeds, you'll find a cuddly companion that keeps your allergies at bay.

1. Basenji
With short fur that barely grows off of the skin, basenji dogs are hypoallergenic because of their personal grooming habits and natural cleanliness. In fact, they do not have that typical dog odor that makes a weekly bath a necessity. Basenjis enjoy grooming themselves, keeping their coat clean and debris-free. They have very little dander, and even have the benefit of not barking. Although they do make sounds, barking is not part of their genetics, making this dog perfect for allergy-sufferers in an apartment complex.

2. Poodle
Known for their outrageous hairdos, poodles are often seen as smug animals, but their natural coat provides a hypoallergenic environment for even the most sensitive people. The coat is a tight configuration of fur, keeping both dander and shedding to a minimum. Allergy-sufferers can fluff the coat with a comb, reducing any allergens from entering the surrounding air. With this breed available in toy, miniature and standard sizes, you can easily find a dog that fits your lifestyle.

3. Chinese Crested
If you have children with allergies, select a Chinese crested breed to complete your family unit. These dogs are essentially hairless, with some fur on the head, tail and paws. Because of the lack of fur, dander and shedding are almost eliminated, leaving you with a loving dog. Full of energy, Chinese crested dogs can play for hours with the kids, and cuddle comfortably at night when bedtime arrives.

4. Samoyed
Because many allergies are caused by dander, rather than fur, the Samoyed breed offers a fluffy dog for your family. Be aware that shedding is normal for Samoyeds. They produce almost no dander, however, making them perfect additions to the home. Their coat will need to be brushed periodically to keep it lush and clean, but allergy-sufferers should have no problem being near the dog even during grooming. You would never know that the dog is hypoallergenic by looking at him.

5. Bedlington Terrier
This graceful dog has a coat that is both wiry and slightly fluffy, reminiscent of a poodle coat. These dogs do not shed, but must have their coats groomed periodically to avoid a tangled and messy appearance. Bedlington terriers are perfect for homes with children or older people desiring a mild-mannered companion. You can trim the coat yourself, but a professional groomer may be required to keep the short coat styled correctly. This breed typically has more fur on the head and legs compared to the rest of the body.

Choosing a new companion for dog allergy-sufferers takes time to research desired breeds. Once you select a breed, try to spend time with him/her before committing to a pet. Every person has a slightly different reaction to dog breeds. Coats that shed persistently may bother some allergy-sufferers, whereas others react poorly to the dander itself. Keep an open mind and be truthful about your reaction to a particular dog. You do not want to be miserable with the wrong dog choice.


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